Guest Star: Kikinha ­the Brazilian

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Kika BB:

Today I am here to talk about a little charming creature that is enriching my life, for a while. My little lady’s name is Kikinha. Her mum is travelling a lot this year and about to move to Spain and since I have always loved cats ever since I had a tiny baby kitten in my hands at the age of four, I quickly offered myself to take care of her. So let me introduce you to my little meaowie friend:


Full name:
Kika Castillo
Breed: Siamese
Age: 4 years
Hobbies: playing with fake mice and cellophane balls, hunting butterflies and cockroaches
Favourite food: Chicken bits & Natural & Delicious

Kikinha ­the Brazilian

Just like any other Brazilian lady, Kikinha gets a pedicure from time to time. Means her claws are trimmed from time to time. I did not know about this practise before moving here but it is nothing unusual. Recently I found out that cats speak dialects. Her miaow sounds very different from that of my former cat JoJo in Germany. She is very communicative and to my surprise she likes meeting new people.

What Kikinha means to me and how I met Katzenworld


Every morning with the first sunbeams this little kitten jumps on my chest in bed to get her portion of tender loving care. And then she purrs. Oh,”how sweet the sound”! I know, six a clock is not a human time but I just can’t help it. After some time we both get up and she gets a fresh meal. She then immediately wants to check out the garden to see if her territory is still untouched. She hides between the plants and waits for the poor little butterflies to show up. Last week I had to clean up five on one day.

When I get home for lunch she already welcomes me in the garden and the playing starts. Round and round she throws her body inviting me to touch her. But careful! She is playing! Soft bites show that she understands that this is a game and she has no intention to hurt me.

When I go to bed, she slips into it. Sometimes she sleeps below the blanket and sometimes beside my feet. No matter how warm the weather, I just love having her so close.


A while ago I published a post on my blog about the benefits of having a pet and Marc from Katzenworld wrote me and warmly invited me to tell you all about Kikinha here on their beautiful site. After surfing it, I have to say: Great work cat lovers! I learn a lot with you and love reading your new posts.


Only after living with a cat you can understand why people are so crazy about those funny, elegant and wild four­legged companions and I deeply feel how much Kikinha’s mum is missing her. But I try my best to be a super nice auntie in the meantime. Kikinha will stay with me for a year and i don’t regret my offer.

Kika BB

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32 thoughts on “Guest Star: Kikinha ­the Brazilian

  1. You are lucky. Siamese are special and she is a beauty. Your friend is lucky too. Finding soeone to take loving care of your cats for a long time is very difficult. If I had not taken my friends Bengal cat when he had to go back to Korea he would have lost him. It was supposed to be a few weeks but visa problems turned it into a year.

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  2. Great story and a good looking animal…by the way, I’ve been getting up every morning between 4:30 and 5AM for the past 65 years. I consider it the best time of the day. I say this with respect. I can never figure out how to make this smiley faces. Thanks again for the piece about Kikinha.

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      1. I did it myself many years ago do i know letting go is hard. The son of one of the patients where I worked had lost his job and then their house. The cat needed a foster home or he would go to a shelter. 40 some years ago shelters were very bad places. I couldn’t say no and this lovely silver Persian moved in with my three other cats and fit right in. He stayed about nine months until the family was back on their feet. And I was told that he flew into a certain little boys arms purring and meowing. We missed him but he was home.

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  3. Kikinha is a sweet girl, so pretty and you’re a good auntie! You will have such enjoyment from her while your friend travels and settles in Spain and I’m sure your friend is at ease knowing you are taking good care of Kikinha.

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