Ty-Nant Cat Sanctuary Disaster – A bunny to support the charity

Hi everyone,

Our friends at Freak MEOWt have opted to help the Ty-Nant Sanctuary in Cymmer, Port Talbot, Wales by donating a pound of each bunny sold in August to the charity.

This is in response to a disaster that struck the charity at the end of July and shows how much the cat community in the UK cares about supporting cats in need of helps.

1£ pound of each sold bunny in August will go to the charity

So what happened to them you are asking?

As many of you know I try to keep this a happy and cheerful place but today I have to deviate from this and raise awareness of what happened to the charity.

On the last weekend in July two people broke into the sanctuary and stole the elderly cats from the sanctuary… Some of which were later on found killed. 🙁 It’s beyond me why people would do such a cruel thing…

How can we help?

  • Share this story and raise awareness of the charity
  • Donate directly to the charity through their gofundme, at time of writing this story they already raised an amazing amount!
  • As mentioned above purchase the bunny toys of our friends at Freak MEOWt who will donate of each bunny sold in August to the cat sanctuary
ty-nant cats 2
Photo Credit: Ty-Nant Cat Sanctuary

For full details and an interview with one of the volunteers by the BBC can be found here.

More about the Sanctuary:

Established in June 1990, Ty Nant Cat Sanctuary is a small, independent, not-for-profit organisation based in Cymmer, Port Talbot.
They were established in response to the problem of unwanted, stray and abandoned cats within the area.

ty-nant cats
Photo Credit: Ty-Nant Cat Sanctuary

Since then hundreds of cats & kittens have passed through their care. Most have been successfully re-homed but others due to their temperament or illness have stayed at Ty-Nant.

ty-nant cats 3
Photo Credit: Ty-Nant Cat Sanctuary

Their main aim is to rescue unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens, domestic and feral, and where possible find them suitable forever homes
You can find out more about the work that Ty Nant Cat Sanctuary does on their facebook page here.



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24 thoughts on “Ty-Nant Cat Sanctuary Disaster – A bunny to support the charity

  1. angela1313 says:

    Thanks for sharing this, when these things happens to rescues it’s heartbreaking, but awareness helps. Shared on my Facebook.

  2. 49lilykatz says:

    Reblogged this on lilykatzblog and commented:
    Let’s show our support for Wales Ty Nant Cat Sanctuary’s tragedy by reblogging, donating to their gofundme and showing some support. We humans know we are all better than this. Thanks to Katzenworld for alerting us!

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  4. 49lilykatz says:

    This is exactly what I think, hold the humans accountable. Unless, of course, we think our rights are more important than the rights of any other beings on this planet.

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