Irasshaimase (Welcome) to the Hyper Japan Festival July 2016 Part 1

Just recently we made our second visit to the event which is essential for anyone interested in all aspects of Japanese culture. From the traditional arts of singing and dancing, the latest video and console games to all things anime; Hyper Japan is London’s go-to gathering. This year was even bigger than last year with more cat themed items vying for our attention on the numerous stalls.


First stop on our visit this year had to be Doki Japanese Tableware stall. As well as traditional items they have been stocking a range of items – made in Japan – which appeal to cat lovers. We saw their stall last year but decided to wait until we were leaving to buy some of their cute bowls. Unluckily for us they were completely sold out by the time we made it back to them.  This time we bagged some treasures early on including some lovely bowls for our breakfast cereal.

This year Doki even bought along some cute mugs featuring black cats. We couldn’t resist getting some of these for our afternoon tea.

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When we were over in Japan earlier in the year we brought back 4 suitcases full of all things Japanese. Amongst the cat themed items (there’s a bit of a cat boom in Japan at the moment) we had some yuzu (Japanese lemon) flavored sake. Thanks to Doki we now have the purrfect way to drink it with this black cat sake set. Kampai!!

DSC00879At this years event as last year, there was a fair number of visitors sporting a pair of furry ears. Not all were cat’s but we lost count of those that were and offered anyone wearing a pair of ears one of our Katzenworld key rings. We stopped over at Plastic&Bow’s stall to offer them a key ring and to take a look at their hand made ears, necklaces and other extremely cute cat-themed accessories.

Don’t they look fabulous!! Made me feel so under dressed.


Now, of course what else do you need in addition to a pair of kitty ears? Paws of course!!  We saw these as we were passing a stall. Can you imagine trying to use your mobile phone wearing these?


We’re always on the look out to add to our t-shirt collection and if we find something cat related it’s even better. Newcomer, Fuzzballs, had a stall full of cat cuteness which drew us over to check out their offerings. We couldn’t resist a couple of their t-shirst and I’m sure we’ll be visiting them online to order all the others that were sold out.

And if cat t-shirts aren’t enough (never enough), then there were key rings, necklaces and cards all featuring original artwork. Look out for a give away where you’ll be able to get your paws on some of the goodies featured here.

Now, no Hyper Japan festival is complete without the epitome of cuteness; Tofu Cute. So kawaii!!!

We’re going to take a break from all this cuteness for now. Look out for part 2 coming soon…

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56 thoughts on “Irasshaimase (Welcome) to the Hyper Japan Festival July 2016 Part 1

  1. mvaden1948 says:

    I would have been in so much trouble there. I wouldn’t have been able to carry my purchases home….even if I lived there instead of in the US.

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