Lola has many places that she likes to sleep. The Princess Pod, in the cat tree, on the computer chairs, and on top of the computers. When we’re using the computers though she will also come and sleep between the keyboard and the computer screen.

CompanionshipKeyboards are of course a popular sleeping place for many cats. Laptop keyboards especially can be nice as they get lovely and warm, and we all know cats enjoy being warm!

Companionship 2I wonder though if there’s another reason for cats’ love of the computer area. Perhaps it has something to do with our love of the computer area! We humans do tend to spend a lot of time at the computers, after all.

Companionship 3Perhaps cats’ interest in computers is, at least in part, a result of us being there. It lets them be close to us whilst they sleep. A bit of companionship. And of course it makes it very easy to reach out and request a stroke. Or food!


Lady Joyful

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I’m a writer, blogger, cook, mum to three fur-babies, and wife to a wonderful man. I also work full-time as a child carer. I have a series of blogs all under the main heading of The Joyful Soul. In these blogs I explore my love of creativity in various ways.


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24 thoughts on “Companionship

  1. MM used to love lying on top of the tropical fish tank. Not only did it give here a great view down the garden, but it was warm as well. 🐱

  2. All your explanations are wrong, I’m afraid, Lady Joyful. What we do when we lie by your computer is to provide inspiration – muse – call it what you like. We are your creative power!

  3. Yes, I concur. I think it’s because we spend so much time there. My laptop lives in the lounge using my TV screen o I can see it pe feckless from the couch. Of course a Wifi Keyboard &Mouse helps. Until Jamima parks herself right on top of the mouse! It’s like they know!

  4. Well, I guess it boils down to the fact that all a cat wants to do is help you with your work. So you can finish earlier and spend your time in a more appropriate way. By admiring your cat, for example, and be her happy servant 😉

  5. My cats often park themselves in front of my computer screen. They enjoy watching the movement of the cursor on the display. Makes it quite difficult to type, get work done, or play games. Thankful they do not have long attention spans. 🙂

  6. I would like to think that my cats need to be with me, whatever I am doing, and have you ever tried to read the newspaper/book with a feline rushing over to sit on it? Yes, they all know how to be the centre of attention. It’s about THEM. And we love them to bits.

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