Essential Tips to Help You Make a Perfect Selfie with Your Cat

Cat lovers around the world are always up for snapping a quick pic with their furry friend. When you see some of the great cat selfies on Instagram or Facebook, you might wonder how they’ve managed to get their cat to cooperate. We’ve found five helpful tips to help you and your cat create the perfect selfie.

  1. Take Lots of Pictures


One of the best tricks for capturing the perfect shot is taking more than just one photo. Your cat will not be interested in taking a selfie- with or without you in it, and they will sometimes move just as you hit the camera button. Don’t let this discourage you, just keep shooting! The more pictures you take, the more likely you will have a few good ones to choose from.

  1. Embrace the Silliness


You are trying to take a selfie with your cat. It is going to be just a little silly and you (and your cat) should fully embrace how silly you both are. Think outside the box and find ways to show off your special and unique relationship. Whether it is adding a prop or costume or just making funny faces, you are trying to capture the essence of your personalities and the relationship you have together.

  1. Use the Timer


This is the tip that many cat lovers forget to use when taking photos. Setting a timer to capture several photos within, say, ten seconds, is an excellent way to capture many photos at once. In addition, you’ll have your hands free and this will give you the advantage over your cat. You will be able to hold or pose your cat the way you like and the camera will snap pictures for as long as you want.

If you want to get even more advanced, you can use a cat selfie app called SnapCat. This app will allow you to capture your cat’s attention as well as their beauty. Using the app is a simple and effective way to create memories with your cat.

  1. Attract Your Cat’s Attention


Another great tip for taking selfies with your cat is learning how to attract your cat’s attention. If you want your cat to look directly at the camera, hold it at an arm length away and give a scratch or two on the back. Cats love noises like a scratching sound and they will immediately hone in on the source of the sound.

Since it is in their instincts to perk up their ears and let their pupils grow when they hear an interesting sound that reminds them of prey, you will be more than likely to capture the cuteness of this instinctual part of your cat. Attract your cat’s attention and you’ll get the best selfie ever!

  1. Follow Your Cat’s Lead


As mentioned earlier, your cat does not care about your selfie. They are easily distracted and bored, and it will be difficult to engage them. This is when you need to let your cat take the lead! Is your cat lounging on the sofa? Instead of making them come to you and disturbing your nap, you need to make your way to them. Approach them and don’t miss the perfect selfie moment!

Other examples of following your cat’s lead include:

  • Getting on the ground if your cat is on the ground
  • Looking out of the window if your cat is looking out of a window
  • Take opportunities to capture the moment. Is your cat in your lap? Or has your cat jumped on your desk? Simply planning ahead and taking advantage of what your cat is already doing is a great way to get the perfect selfie.

Just remember to respect your cat’s space when they need it. After all, you don’t want your cat looking grumpy in their photos. But we all know how cute they are when they are grumpy…..

To take things a step further, you should also consider these factors when you are taking that cat selfie:

  • Find great lighting
  • Choose a good filter
  • Pick the right location
  • Click fast!

These great selfie tips will definitely make you a selfie pro!

No matter what sort of selfie you are trying to take with your cat, remember why you are doing this in the first place. While your furry little friend might not care at all about the photos you take, you care that they are in those photos. It doesn’t matter how the picture turns out, just so long as you have the fun and silly memories of you and your feline to look back on.

Author’s Bio: Paula is a freelance writer and real cat lover. Her 3 years old kitty is called Cash. In addition, she is writing, reading, and healthy lifestyle addicted. She always keeps herself busy with challenging tasks and really enjoys conducting a research in order to provide readers with fascinating articles.

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14 thoughts on “Essential Tips to Help You Make a Perfect Selfie with Your Cat

  1. chubbysmom says:

    Gonna try some of these tips… I have so many pix of the dog, who of course has no dignity (according to the cat) and therefore will do what I tell him to do, and significantly less pix of the cat, who ruins a perfectly good photo or video as soon as he sees the camera on him

  2. sidilbradipo1 says:

    Tip Nr. 6… engage Ian to photographe your cats/pets 😀
    Great useful tips, I’ll try, promise, I’ll try fo follow, but not sure of the result 😛

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