Sleep Reaching

I think I’ve mentioned before that Lola sometimes likes to sleep on top of our computers. Mostly my husband’s, but occasionally mine too.

Sleep ReachingHusband’s computer just happens to be next to a half-height cat tree. It’s a convenient stepping stone to get up to the computer (especially given that there’s another, slightly shorter cat tree just before it too!) It’s the platform we feed Elvis on to keep Sampson from stealing his food. And apparently it’s a good leaning post for Lola when she’s sleeping on husband’s computer.

Sleep Reaching 2Admittedly she doesn’t always do it. But there has been more than one occasion that we’ve noticed Lola stretch in her sleep and end up with one paw daintly reaching out to lean on the cat tree. Perhaps as an added measure, to stop her from sleep-sneezing herself off the top of a computer again?!


Lady Joyful

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20 thoughts on “Sleep Reaching

  1. Prior-2001 says:

    Hey lady joyful – how fun the pics are – and sleep reaching – bah!
    Our dog Cody (rip 4-2016) well he used to sleep on his back with all fours spread and we had friends who had a cat that did this – they called it the slutty kitty sleep pose – ha – and so when Cody would sprawl out like that we’d laugh and remember the kitty –
    Our other dog. Never does this!

  2. simon7banks says:

    The computer top probably has two attractions – possibly a third. One, as you suggest, because it’s warm. Two, because the cats notice the computer attracts a lot of human attention, so they want a bit of the action too and it’s also a way of bonding closer to their humans (this is mine as well as yours and my scent is on it as well as yours). Three, possibly, if they’re warned off interfering with the computer (keyboard or cables), they may respond by showing it’s not a no-go-area at all.

    My previous cat used to love the springiness of the keyboard. On one occasion she sparked one of those ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DO THIS? YES/NO? questions on the screen and I keyed NO doublequick so I never knew what she’d almost done. Emma, my present cat, is too big for the keyboard and just rubs round things.

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