Let’s Share!


I wrote a post last month about Elvis stealing Lola’s Princess Pod. In that post, I was wondering if he’d ever build up the courage to go into the pod with her, forcing her to share.

He hasn’t got up the courage to do that yet (though that may in part be because we removed the pod for cleaning recently!) but he did decide to share another of Lola’s sleeping spots recently.

To be fair, it’s a place they both like to sleep individually. The tops of the computers do of course make very wonderful sleep spots. Except when there’s a piece of paper on them and whilst laying on that paper on top of the computer you sleepily sneeze and the force of the sneeze combined with the slipperiness of the paper causes you to fall off the computer… Not that Lola would know anything about that…

Anyway, as I was saying… Lola and Elvis both like to sleep on the top of the computers. Earlier this week, whilst Lola was sleeping, Elvis decided he’d like to be there too. He sniffed her a couple of times, gave her a lick, and when she didn’t smack him he took the leap – literally – and jumped up beside her.


As you can see from the picture, it was a bit cramped but they did both fit. Just about. Lola didn’t seem to like the situation much though, as she fairly quickly relinquished the spot to Elvis once she’d realised he wasn’t going to be going anywhere!


Lady Joyful


22 thoughts on “Let’s Share!

      1. The younger one has been pouncing on the older one all evening on and off, but that she never actually hurts him or stays long enough for him to get too angry. They are curled up together now. Both from very different backgrounds, they suit each other like a ying and yang.

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    1. It was pretty amusing. I may have laughed at her 😉 I’m so mean! Aw, how cute! Lola and Maisi used to squish up together in a basket, despite being too big to share properly anymore. Exactly the same situation – they’d done it when they were tiny, and didn’t seem to appreciate that they’d grown too big! I hope Lola one day accepts one of the boys in the same way she accepted Maisi, but of course litter mates do have a special bond. Thanks for commenting!

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    1. It varies by cats! I grew up always having multiple cats and they always got along brilliantly. Lola seems to prefer her own company though – the only other cat she’s snuggled up with was her sister Maisi. She tolerates the boys, but nothing more. Thanks for commenting 🙂


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