Wonderful Cat Related Gifts from Overseas

A few weeks back a friend of mine from Japan asked if I could meet her friend, Kazumi, and show her around the area of London where we live. Despite the rather wet Sunday (typical of our summer this year) I managed to show her the delights of Greenwich including the view of London from the hill, the Painted Hall and the markets. As a thank you, Kazumi sent me some lovely gifts all the way from Japan. I think my friend must have told her how mad we are about cats. Included in the package were paper clips, mini memo notes and some traditional Japanese tenugui (pieces of printed material which can be used in a variety of ways such as a headband, souvenir, decoration, or for wrapping items such as bottles). She was kind enough to send a set for Marc too in appreciation of my time spent with her away from him at the weekend.

Thank you for the lovely thoughtful presents Kazumi. I think we’ll be bringing back quite a few more of these on our next trip to Japan in May 2017.

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