Nubia: A dose of “Vitamin C” to start the day!

Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here today! 😀 I’ve managed to sneak a box of wonderful new treats past my brother and got to trial them completely uninterrupted for a change meowharharhar.

Some of them are even super healthy! I wonder if they count as one of my five a day? 😮


Nubia: Look! A little basket with strawberries and a sardine tin. I wonder which one tastes nicer. :O


Nubia: The sardines… smell very nice!


Nubia: But so do the strawberries! *sniff sniff*


Nubia: Where to start! I guess I’ll just look cute for now. 😀


Nubia: Oh such a difficult choice… Sardines…


Nubia: Or strawberries?!?


Nubia: Will you help me choose? 😀 And aren’t they cute in this little basket?


Nubia: Vitamin C it shall be! 😀


Nubia: Seek and destroy!!!!


Nubia: What? Where have the strawberries gone!


Nubia: THERE IT IS! *gnaws*

*Many hours of fun late*

Nubia: My god I am so exhausted now… 😮 But before I go for my royal nap I should tell you more about where these came from!

These toys are all part of the new cat toy range from The Artisan Pet Deli. I’ve prepared a gallery for you below showing you all the different options and prices for them!

Well I hope you enjoyed my review! And don’t forget to sign-up to our Newsletter. 😀

Signed by,

Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Destroyer of Peace

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