How to prepare your home for a cat or kitten

How to prepare your home for a cat or kitten

Ready to welcome a new feline to the family? Whether you’re adopting a cat or kitten, you need to get your home ready before moving-in day! Check out our top tips below.

Ensuring their safety and security


The most important thing is keeping your pet safe and secure. Firstly, make sure small items that could pose a choking hazard, like elastic bands and jewellery, are stored out of reach. They’ll also be tempted to chew hanging wires, so get your hands on some cable protectors.

Next, keep any cleaning chemicals and medications stowed away, and ensure that all of the plants in your home are non-toxic to cats by checking this list from the ASPCA.

Finally, everyone in your household should get into the habit of keeping cupboard/appliance doors closed, windows locked, and the toilet lid down.

Protecting your furniture and furnishings


To prevent your cat sharpening their claws on your furniture, you need to provide a scratching post. Keep this near their favourite sleeping spot ready for post-nap stretches. You can reduce the risk of accidental scratches or snags on your sofa by investing in some machine-washable throws.


Cats are also known to climb up curtains, but having them hemmed away from the floor will ensure they’re less enticing! Alternatively, swap them for a blind, making sure the cord mechanism is safe — RoSPA has some advice.


If you want to decorate your home with a rug, Land of Rugs recommends a cut-pile design because they’re less prone to snagging. One with a busy pattern, in a similar colour to your cat’s coat, will reduce the need for constant vacuuming!

To stop your cat hogging your favourite cushion (and getting it all furry), buy one especially for them to snuggle up on. This ‘Reserved for the cat’ cushion from Sass & Belle is particularly cute!


Finally, make sure any breakable ornaments are put away — they could get damaged, or even harm your pet.

Once you’ve cat-proofed your home, it’s time to buy and find a place for all of their must-haves, and eagerly await their arrival. Have fun with your new moggy!

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36 thoughts on “How to prepare your home for a cat or kitten

      • franhunne4u says:

        That is why it cannot be said too often: Secure your furniture, attach things to the walls! I know I did. I have very high shelves in my flat, 2.20 (over 7 feet) – and my floors are not very even, lowering to the center, slightly, but enough to make it necessary to get some wedges under the front legs. I really did not want to try if my tom was heavy enough to tilt that shelf over. I drilled a hole, got a screw anchor in and with an angle I fixed the shelves in my flat to the wall. Something that takes only material worth a few pennies/cents – and time effort of about 10 minutes (including getting the tools and the ladder out and back) …

  1. 2BKind says:

    If only I had know then, what I know now! So here’s my add to the list:
    Keep the guard on the fire, even when it is cold.
    Cats are curious and like the idea of going up a chimney!!!

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  3. The Chaos Realm says:

    When I adopted Forest, he seemed to settle in pretty well…forming an instant bond with my cat Lettuce. I left the next day feeling pretty confident about him. When I got back (no more than an hour later), he had broken about two-thirds of my breakable knickknacks, including scaling a six-foot high bookcase, shoving off a large, solid ceramic unicorn head onto the floor (that I had put up there for safekeeping). LOL I changed his name to “Loki” after that. 🙂

  4. Boon Tarkas says:

    that cover cat is stellar! black on grey that’s how I roll.
    actually….when honesty interjects…I’m a bachelor so my favourite combo is black and orange or black and purple, but…that cat was cool

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