#Infographic: 8 Ways to get your cat to drink more water

Hi everyone,

Today we have a useful infographic from our friends at Indoor Paws for you.

8 Tips to get your cat drinking more water - Indoor Paws Infographic.

We hope you all found this infographic useful and don’t forget to check out our friends page for more useful tips for indoor kitties here.

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Photo credit: Deltarescue Charity

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29 thoughts on “#Infographic: 8 Ways to get your cat to drink more water

  1. heretherebespiders says:

    I find ‘surprise water’ is a hit, too. I’ll put a glass in a random place and they get curious – and have a drink! But we have to cover our own water at night, as I kept finding cat hair (and worse) in my cup 🙂

  2. perfectpanicky says:

    I feed my cats wet food only, which is super easy but absurdly expensive but really not THAT expensive since I only have two cats and they don’t eat a huge amount and I feed them one of the cheaper brands of wet food. It works out to about 75 cents a day, which I can manage.

  3. puzzlesofthesoul says:

    Good advice, well, I just stopped the milk drinks and they automatically drank the water. Though one cat after she had been poisoned drank milk for sometime afterwards and then the other cat for some reason wanted a small drink of milk twice daily as well as the water. Now it is hotter weather they drink a large bowl of water between them. Mine do free feeding dry food. So they eat when they need to. Then one portion of fresh fish every other day.

    • Marc-André says:

      We feed ours wet food in the morning and dry in the evening. And they’ve got access to two fountains. 🙂

      Interesting about the whole milk thing btw!

      • puzzlesofthesoul says:

        Thank you, My cats are pretty easy going and eat probably more like western cats rather than the cats here who eat anything. They are very fussy. The little drop of milk drink has started again and she relishes it, I give her about a tablespoon in this hot weather because the milk will go off.

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  5. Sherry Key, Artist says:

    Thanks! have tried some of these. I didn’t know the part about the whiskers. I think that will make a difference in the things I try.

    The fountain works fairly well but I think it’s too short for my big long haired, long whiskered cat. He prefers getting the water as I am pouring it in the cat fountain…(-:

    Now I have a few extra tidbits of knowledge I can experiment with.

  6. draculauren says:

    I’ve been adding ice cubes recently in Wolfgang’s bowl before I leave for work. He’s fascinated by them and just seeing me add them gets him to run over and start lapping up some water. I have to leave the toilet lid down so he doesn’t drink from the bowl!

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  9. Lucky Little Kitten says:

    Cool infograph with some really great suggestions Marc-Andre. Summer is now here in my neck of the woods and it’s getting very hot so the ice cubes will have double benefit for me. I also have two springer spaniels as brother and sister so they also have two huge bowls of water that I often share with them if they are behaving. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day – Lucky The Kitten.

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