Oh So Comfy

It’s funny what a difference the right furnishings can make, right?

Take the red blanket in the picture, for example. It had been on the floor for the last couple of weeks as a make shift bed for the dog. When he left last weekend I moved the blanket temporarily onto the top of a small shelving unit we have in our living room.

Suddenly that shelving unit has become The Best Thing Ever.

Previously the cats had no interest in it. Sure, it was a convenient (if slightly wobbly) jumping off point to climb up the cat tree. A place to sit for a couple of moments whilst considering where to take the next nap. But not anywhere to spend any extended period of time.


But with that red blanket on it… Well, suddenly the cats all wanted to be there. (You’ll have to take my word for it, as I apparently only managed to photograph Lola there.) It became a perfectly suitable nap place as if by magic.

I should have realised though. A nice soft surface is far more appealing than a plank of wood!


Lady Joyful

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27 thoughts on “Oh So Comfy

    • Lady Joyful says:

      Oh yes, that’s very true. I’ve had that happen before with cats laying on the bed with me. Most of the time I’ve managed to catch them mid slide, but I inevitably get stuck with claws in the process! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  1. Prior-2001 says:

    Reminded me of the monkey experiments where two nursing statins were set up – one with soft material and one with wire – and the monkeys with wire nursing stations still preferred to be near any soft material and only nurses fast in the wire (very bad summary of the study – ha! But my point is the soft stuff feels so good)

    Anyhow – I am not keeping up like I should – did the dog for good? Was the trail not a success ?

    • Lady Joyful says:

      Oh yes I learnt about that study when I did A level psychology. Really fascinating 🙂
      Yes, unfortunately the dog has left us for good. He does have a new home to try, which (I think…) he’s going to this weekend. We would have loved to keep him but for a variety of reasons it just wasn’t going to be possible for us.

      • Prior-2001 says:

        Well at least u tried ! And much wisdom is doing what is right for everyone because it saves much frustration – or at last prevents being misplaced! In the late 1990s – we had two dogs and gave them away in 2001 (to a farm) but in hindsight we should have had cats! However – spouse is allergic and so dogs for us – and well – when we got dogs later in life – with two children and new life mode – it was a good fit- but I feel like you did the right thing and I do not even need to know the reasons – 😉

  2. FofoFl'or says:

    i think its like that for humans too, there is this feeling when you finally buy a couch or a bed you’ve always wanted! and look forward to laying on it every time you get home xx

  3. Rosie Malezer says:

    Absolutely! We have many shelves up at our house. The ones which we don’t want the cats on stay bare (the shelf holding my books and speakers above the computer monitor, for example), but I have put shelving over the top of my sewing table, over the recycle station and more, and those belong to the cats.

    Remember that if the shelf is slippery, you need some traction under there before you put more softness, as some cats like to try and jump onto their soft kitty throne or run up there in excitement… before they (and their throne cushion, pillow or blanket) go sliding away. If you find an old sheet or towel and turn it into a make-shift “fitted sheet” first with pins or elastic, it will ensure that the throne cushion is always stationary when psycho-kitten arrives 🙂

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