Events: James Bowen & Streetcat Bob @ The Tabernacle Part 1

Hi everyone,

As some of you remember we were kindly invited to the charity event from Ebony Horse Club. They were lucky enough to have James Bowen and Streetcat Bob help them raise funds for the charity at an event in the Tabernacle. 😀

Ebony Horse Club is almost entirely funded by donations to continue the work they are doing with disadvantaged children. If you couldn’t make it on the night, you can still donate via their website It’s a small charity that James & Bob are delighted to support

The event was a total blast and ourselves and the audience sure were glued to the interview / talk of Alistair Stewart and James Bowen. Of course we have read about their story in their famous books before but it sure is something different to actually listen to a live interview! And Alistair wasn’t holding back, he asked about all aspects of James and Bob’s life and how Bob rescued James!

But let’s have a look at everything that happened at the event. Oh and just in case you wonder as the lightning in the venue was on the dimmer side (wouldn’t want to annoy Bob would we!) I turned quite a few of my photos black and white. 😉

When we arrived the Tabernacle was already filled with many eager fans of James and Bob awaiting the opening of the doors. They were of course being welcomed by the friendly members of the Ebony Horse Club. 🙂

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During the opening of the event Susan Collins held a speech about the amazing work of the Ebony Horse Club. For those of you that have not heard of them before please find a bit about them below.

Photo Credit: Ebony Horse Club

Ebony Horse Club operates in Coldharbour Ward, Brixton – one of the most disadvantaged inner city neighbourhoods in the country. There is a historic legacy of under-achievement in schools, high rates of teenage pregnancy and negative stereotypes of young people, gang violence and drug related crime.

Difficulty in entering the labour market results in high rates of unemployment and low aspirations amongst certain groups. This is all compounded by high rates of ill health amongst the population such as diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, mental and physical disabilities and other chronic conditions.

Young people living in this environment have little or no positive contact with animals, especially horses. They miss out on the opportunity to experience the enjoyment and sense of achievement that can be gained by learning to ride.

Photo Credit: Ebony Horse Club

Ebony Horse Club provides the opportunity to think and gain new experiences outside the box of negative stereotypes – and to benefit from the powerful, life-changing influence that contact with horses can bring.

We offer much more than riding lessons, mentoring children who experience significant challenges at school and at home – challenges that can profoundly affect their ability to achieve later in life.

Through the support and experiences members have at Ebony, all are encouraged to exceed their own expectations, and many are inspired to go on to college, university or horse-related careers.

To help raise money for their work many different companies donated items and events as prizes for the various fund raising activities

Some of the prizes were available through a Silent Auction, Raffle and the really big ones later on through the Live auction! As you can see above our friends from 4Cats in Germany also donated a few boxes of their lovely toys. They also made something far more special but more of this later. 😉

Only once we all set down it became apparent how many people were present at this event! In total it was attended by 225 people.


And for a change I even managed to get a photo of myself! hehe

Just before the interval Bob and James were presented with a special little gift set. 😀

Yes those were special handmade toys from 4Cats (stocked on our Katzenworld Shop) especially made for this event. 🙂

Photo Credit: Ebony Horse Club

During the interval fans were able to purchase signed copies of the many books published for Streetcat Bob

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We couldn’t resist and bought a copy for their Meowjesties Oliver & Nubia. 😉

Of course what you can’t see on the above pictures is how many people queued to get their own copy…..


But we got a good shot of Alistair Stewart – ITN who happened to be standing in front of the queue. 😉

This concludes part 1 but stay tuned to find out what happens in part 2! All shall be revealed soon. 😮

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  9. angelswhisper2011 says:

    What a great event, Marc. We were touched by the movie. It’s a wonderful story how they both foud each other…who found who huh 😉 <3 Great to see you "life" too?Pawkisses for a wonderful Sunday???

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