Interview with The World of Cats Theme Park!

Hi everyone,

Today we have a special interview for you all. A few days ago we discussed the plans for The World of Cats Theme Park with Caroline.

This theme park would not just be delightful for all of us crazy cat people out there but she is also planning to include a cat rescue and adoption centre as well as education area to help with cat welfare all across the UK!

Full details of our Interview and how you can get involved with the crowd-funding campaign below.

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The World of Cats logo Jenna Sue

How did you come up with the idea for The World of Cats?

I was looking for days out to take my 1 year and places like Monkey World, Bird World, Flamingo Land and Digger Land kept coming up! I thought to myself – why isn’t there a Cat Land/World? Someone should set it up! The rest as they say is history!


What is your plan? 

My concept is to combine cat themed entertainment – cat shops, rides, mazes, cat cafes/restaurants, children’s play areas with cat education – a place you can go and learn about the story of the cat, how to look after them, their behaviour and welfare and have the opportunity to meet and understand the different breeds of cat.

Many of us have cats in our homes and I believe we actually know very little about them.

It would also be a great way to educate our children – the cat guardians of the future!

The possibilities are endless and in these early stages, anyone with a great idea should let me know and we can look at including it!


Where would The World of Cats be? 

The World of Cats needs a significant amount of land so it would need to be somewhere that has the space to accommodate us. It is unlikely to be in London as property prices would make the project unachievable.

I was brought up in Bedfordshire and still live here now so if we could find the location in and around Herts/Beds and Bucks for the right price then this would be great. Ultimately, funding will dictate where we end up!

And hey, if we get the UK one well underway to be setting up – we could expand and have one in the USA or Canada or anywhere in the World!!


Can you tell us more about the adoption /rescue centre?

I would like to partner with some cat charities to set up a cat rescue and adoption centre on site. These guys are the experts in this already and I hope this would give them a great platform and volume of visitors to do some really great work!


The World of Cats – is it a theme park for cats?

No. It is not a place that you can take your own cat. As any cat lover knows, this would be very stressful for most of our cats as they are territorial animals. The park will be cat themed and will be home to some cats in the cafes/restaurants, meet and greet, hotel and conference centre and adoption/rescue centre.


From the plans we’ve seen, it looks huge  — how will you keep track of so many cats?! 

The World of Cats would indeed be a large park but I don’t envisage having cats running free. As any cat lover knows, cats are territorial animals and they like their own space when they choose to – having endless cats running free would put them under unnecessary stress.

Cats will be onsite in the cat cafes/restaurants, meet and greet area, in the hotel/conference space and in the adoption and rescue centre. These areas would be closely managed and the welfare of the cats we do have onsite would be of the upmost importance.

3d map world of cats

Are you just a crazy cat lady?

Ultimately yes – but don’t hold this against me!

I come from a senior level business management and marketing background in entertainment and venues. Having recently left after 15 years following a period of maternity leave I am working as a freelance marketing consultant alongside the World of Cats project.

This is what you get when you combine a crazy cat lady and a marketing background!!


How many cats do you have?

I only have one!

He’s called Bolt and I adopted him at 14 weeks old as a rescue kitty. He is now 7 and rules our house! I’d have more but he would seriously never forgive me! He is the ultimate in spoilt puss!


How can people help get it started?

It’s a huge project and one that will take significant funding to get it open. I’m asking fellow cat lovers to get on board and help me raise the initial funding to take the plans to the next level. It will most certainly require larger investors to get involved but to pitch to get this funding the idea needs to be fully developed.

As a Cat Lover I know if it did exist I would most definitely visit so I am asking Cat Lovers of the UK the same question! Would you visit? If you love the idea then please help me get it going! Without your support, the idea remains just an idea.


Please contribute at

Further information can be found at

If you can’t contribute at the moment then please share the campaign on your social media channels – the more shares and likes we get the more likely we are to reach people who can contribute!

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32 thoughts on “Interview with The World of Cats Theme Park!

  1. The Canadian Cats says:

    I love this idea but don’t want to see it expanded to the States! I want you to expand to Canada first and then the states.

    One money raising idea I can think of is a board game of this theme park. Or an app. I would definitely pay a board game of this. Many peeps I know would too. Therefore the theme park can raise a fair bit of money without as much fundraising. Just a thought.

    Jean and Shoko

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