Cat gift of the week!

Sue Ryder Cat Doorstop

It‘s undeniable that cat lovers tend to love a cat themed gift or home item! I have found now that I have two kitties running around that doors can also be a real issue – if it’s not open enough my little one can’t use his tiny paw to push through. Only last week I awoke to yowls, howls and meows and Dexter (the big cat) was catching my attention to get Floki (little kitty) out of the bathroom where he had become trapped, with his little paw sticking out the tiny gap!

Combining the two is the ‘Orange, Red and Grey Tartan Cat Door Stop’ from Sue Ryders online shop It’s just the right weight to hold back my heavy doors, very cute, and at £7.99 a complete bargain too!

cat ddoor

Verdict: A practical yet cute 9 / 10

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