Angel’s Eyes: Now you see me, Now you don’t…


Hello everyone,

You may remember that I showed you this product at some point last year already but as our friends at nekochan have just been selected as one of the top products of 2016 we thought it would be good to share this with you once again!

What’s even better if you’d like to purchase one of their super versatile tunnels they are offering up to 25% off on these as part of the celebration. 😀

The UJI Tunnel discounts are as follows:

20% discount + free shipping on any individual tunnel purchase; coupon code: tunnel16

25% discount + free shipping on the complete set purchase (all 3 tunnels); coupon code: tunset16

(Open to US residents only • Valid May 18 – June 1, 2016)

So on to the tunnels behind this let me show them to you!


The tunnels have different shapes to choose from U shape, J shape and the I shape all of them have a heavy duty  zipper on each ends to lock with each other to make different shapes or to accommodated your room size. They also have a hidden pocket to hide the toggles and straps for a safety feature . So make sure you use them as you can see in the photo just tuck it in the pocket.


Here as you can see how they look zipped up together and generate hours of fun!


I have been having so much fun with the U shape, J shape and I shape tunnels with mom teasing me with the Neko Kiticatterfly and Kattipede . I can say I’m very fast and catch it 99% of the time. Ha , Ha!!! Purr…


I’m just waiting and getting ready to pounce inside of the J shape tunnel so watch out my pounce is ferse. Purr..

The tunnel system is named after the shape of the three tunnels:


The U Tunnel is 6? L x 10? diameter with 3 zippered holes.

The J Tunnel is 5? L x 10? diameter with 2 zippered holes and one top hole

The I Tunnel is 3? L x 10? diameter with 4 zippered holes and crinkle paper for added stimulation


Theses Neko Tunnels are so amazing that I can’t get enough playtime in them. I walk over to the tunnels even bringing some of my toys inside and hiding them so no one plays with them without my permission.


It also makes a great hide out with a game of Peek a Boo! My favorite is to go inside of the tunnel and wait to pounce on moms feet.. oops! Maybe I shouldn’t of told you that.. Purr…


Or maybe a game of hide n seek too…


I recommend these Nekochan J,U and I Tunnel system as you will have years of fun and besides your kitty will get the exercise that they need too. An active cat is a happy Cat, So it’s a Win, Win for everyone…. Purr…

To get your own go to their website here.

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Facebook      –

Twitter          –

YouTube        –

Germany       –

Europe          –


Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my review ! I would love to hear from you so leave a message I would love to know what you think about the new U,J,I Tunnel system.



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