#Infographic: Understanding your Cat’s Behaviours

Hi everyone,

Today we have a special infographic on Cat Behaviours for you. This one has been kindly provided to us by Sainsbury’s Bank.

Do you know what your cat is trying to tell you? Is it feeling playful, loving, or just showing off? Have a look at our animated guide to find out.

You may think your cat is simply being affectionate or asking for food when rubbing up against you, but there’s more to it. And what about the hunting trophies it brings you, or the kneading of soft objects?

If you pay careful attention to your cat’s behaviour and the sounds it makes, you may learn to understand its mood and intentions better. It could even save you a few playful scratches!

sainsbury's infographic

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42 thoughts on “#Infographic: Understanding your Cat’s Behaviours

  1. franhunne4u says:

    Purrs mostly mean satisfaction, but they can also mean the cat comforts itself because it feels distressed (cats purr when they feel pain, too).

  2. ultrarunner2014 says:

    LOVE this, thank you! My cat and I do communicate quite often with the ‘slow closing of the eyes’ and it is amazing how he instantly responds and how it so incredibly calming. <3

  3. Rachel Ann says:

    Yes! Loved this! My kitty Bella turned 11 this year. She brings me special stuffed animal gifts with long meow cries most nights. She also drags around a red stuffed dog and gives him directions on how to protect us each night….fascinating. 🙂

  4. helentastic67 says:

    Jamima does many of those things. She also watches for where the adult polar-fleece sooner is going. Bed or couch so she knows where she is going. God forbid should someone other than her Mum(that’s me!) should touch it. She delivers a hiss rarely heard. And not to forget the silent and deadly farts that escape when she’s snoring and content. Usually on my lap……..so I can’t get away?????????

    • helentastic67 says:

      I think the hissing is just her being very protective. It’s normally just Jamima and myself. My Personal careers can after a period of time can get in a little pat. My mum is the only other visiting family member to get in a pat but she needs to be careful. Only I get away with the face on belly rubs. And she will still bite my hand should she feel I’ve bothered her sleep….UBC. You Bastard Cat!

  5. momtheobscure says:

    great post. One of my cats gives me the slow closing of the eyes and sometimes I instinctively return it, but didn’t know it was “kissing” and never get any kisses from my kitties.

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