Oliver & Nubia: In the “Spürhund” eeer tracking cat ;)

Hi everyone,


Oliver: Today I’ve got something very interesting for you guys! And it proofs that us cats are far better at finding and hunting down things than those still giant dogs.


Oliver: See I can smell that there is a tasty treat somewhere in there

Nubia: I always knew you were more of a dog than a cat!

Oliver: Oi! It’s a lot of fun. Plus I am better at this than a woofy.


Oliver: I can smell something nice here…

Nubia: Right… we shall see if you can really find anything


Oliver: Almost there! It’s somewhere near here.


Oliver: I can almost taste it…


Oliver: *licks lips* That was a tasty treat.

Nubia: What! There actually was something in there?!?


Nubia: Hmm…. I guess I’ll have to give it a try as well…


Nubia: Here?

Oliver: Cold!


Nubia: Found it! 😀

Oliver: Oh maybe you are a better hunter than I thought…

Nubia: Of course I am! I don’t sleep 24/7 like a certain tuxedo cat…


Oliver: Right… That’s it my turn again!!!

Nubia: No… I wasn’t finished….


Oliver: *sniffs* Tough! I am hungry.


Nubia: I think we may need two of these… HUMANS get onto it!

Oliver: Well but first let’s show this in action on the video to convince them! 😮

Oliver: Anyhow since I’m the better hunter it’s time for me to tell the story of this. D:

This latest toy is called the Ruffle Snuffle and the mastermind behind this is Sarah White and her team! Each Ruffle Snuffle is lovingly handmade and our humans tell us that you can tell this!

Fun fact: Each Ruffle Snuffle has 296 hand-tied knots! How do humans do that anyway?!? Far too difficult with claws…

But this isn’t just great for us cats but for small (What are they called guinea pigs and wabbits?) and big (aka my half sister Fee the dog)! ;))

Nubia: You mean a rabbit…

Oliver: Yes yes… don’t interrupt me…. So where was I…. Oh yes! They are perfect for playing hide and seek with treats. 😀 Much better than our old puzzle game! I could play with this for hours.

Nubia: That’s because you are a gourmand and it involves treats…

Oliver: Will you stop interrupting me already! *glares at Nubia* Right… So… Oh yeah where can our readers get this! 😀

You can purchase your own Ruffle Snuffle from their online shop. Prices start at £29.50 plus postage and there are many colours available!

Ours was the Spring Editition:

But I really want the Beau one now. 🙁 Time to convince the humans….

There are many other cool colours available such as a London or Scottish themed one. And of course you can design your own colour scheme for a little extra!

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Signed by
His Meowjesty King Oliver Maker of Mischief
Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace

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