Guest Star: Friendly, Music and Beethoven!

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Connie and her beautiful black cat Friendly! You may have seen her in her previous post here. Today she would like to tell you all a bit more about her “music project”

1 Friendly pose for christmas card

Hello, I’m Friendly, a sweet little black cat who loves music, especially Classical. I learned about it from my humans, who listen to it all the time.

2 Friendly on piano looking demur - good pic from July 2014
I host the Classical Music Hour over at The Party House, every Sunday at 8pm US EST. I have my very own Classical Cafe! We play beautiful music and serve fresh coffee and delicious pastries every day!

3 Friendly and mice with books

I study my music books while I play with my mousie toys.

4 Friendly and Beethoven

One of my favourite composers is Beethoven.

When my mom plays the piano, I sing along. Or, sometimes, I see something off in the distance. And it ends up being another mousie!

8 Friendly yawning wide
At the end of the day, who knows whether I’m yawning, or practising my singing.

Thanks for reading my story,

Friendly – please visit me on Facebook by clicking here.

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