Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 92)

Hello everyone,

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Shoko from the Canadian Cats joins us today for some tummy rubs. 🙂

Binky is once again back to show of some of her amazing tummy shots! To see them all go here.


Meet Gaby the Tabby! More on her blog here.

This cute little kitten is called Maple and joins us from Adventures in Cat Fostering. 🙂


Meet Shandy! This adorable ginger cat has been entered by Pet Zoo Holy Land


Meet Sprocket who even has an own blog here. 🙂

Yuki had another photo sent in via email. 😀

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62 thoughts on “Happy #TRT – Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 92)

  1. littlemiao isn’t the name of the cat. They have sent in a photo of Sprocket. And like Nubia he has to cope with one leg less than other cats. He seems to do well enough!

      1. All is well. There are quite a lot of beauties over at littlemiao. I was curious because I thought, that Sprocket was only three legged, so I looked at their blog – and read about an amputation.

        1. Poor Sprocket!!! 🙁

          When again Nubia proved again yesterday that she is just as capable of hunting as Oliver with his four legs yesterday LOL. We had a fly intrude the living room. Before Oliver even realised it was there Nubia launched herself across the room and snatched it up LOL

          1. Nubia’s is at the front. I always read that back is worse but not sure about that… Poor Nubsey has the tendency of bashing her chin if she jumps from too high. :X

        2. Aww, thank you! Purrs! Yes, Sprocket had a back leg amputated when he was a kitten of 2-3 months. He is super fast and playful and doesn’t miss his leg at all. 🙂

          1. Neither does Nubia, Oliver’s playmate. And Sprocket looks very, very fluffy – but that must be him being a ragdoll-cat. I have never met a ragdoll. Persian, yes, Siamese, yes, house cats of mixed breeds, yes, but never a ragdoll. They are not only expensive but rather uncommon here in Germany. Norwegian Forest Cats and Maine Coons are far more widespread. Despite them being expensive, too.
            Is it really so that Ragdolls are so peaceful you can pick them up and they never fight? Must be easy to get them into the carrier box! I always have a major drama here.

          2. I’ve got a fun story coming up proofing that Nubia is not just playful but a real huntress LOL. Got a new feather toy and went all mad over it. 🙂

          3. It’s sweet to learn about Nubia, another three-legged cat! Actually I am not sure what breed Sprocket is. My brother thinks he is part Maine Coon because of his coat and ear tufts and big paws, but he isn’t as big as Maine Coons, perhaps because his injury slowed his growth? But my family have two ragdolls who are indeed just as cuddly and flopsy and calm as their reputation.

          4. I thought he looks like he could be part Maine Coon. Not all of those grow really huge btw! So it’s quite possible it’s just his particular genes rather than the injury having slowed him down. 🙂

          5. Nubia lost one of her front legs as a kitten. We adopted her at 7 months :). She doesn’t miss her leg either. Though I always find it scary when she lands on her chin for really high jumps <.<

          6. Sprocket seems to prefer climbing rather than jumping, though he’ll jump down from a medium height. He can’t jump very high, though, only climb. 🙂

  2. Fabulous selection, just the thing to perk me up after an abysmal bank holiday weekend! 🐱

  3. Thank you, Marc. Those tummies revive my sense of perspective. Cats’ tummies provide a much happier focus for me than the U.S. elections! And they’re way cuter than the candidates, too!

      1. Oh my kats! Thank you fur reminding me – the humans sit some exciting news (fur them)- horrible fur me -) and I furgot all about it! I’m going to snatch the iPhone today while the human is distracted with the Creature!

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