The paws that steal!

Fientje long legMy feline friends, my mom has an issue with one of my sisters. This time not the crazy one but the silly one. Fientje has stealing paws. Personally I find it funny and it is my moms own fault. Why it is my mom fault? Because she is not a morning human.  When she has to wake up early then my mom is a disaster on two legs.  Mom has a morning planning the only problem is that she doesn’t remember that in the morning. The first step in her planning: making herself coffee with milk. She always gets to the milk but forget the part about the coffee. Until she remember that there is milk in a mug but no coffee.

put your paws in the milkBetween the milk and the realization there is a point where Fientje gets stealing paws. What happens? When mom is trying to remember her planning, Fientje her paws are getting into the action. She puts her paws in the mug and licks the milk from her paws.

Paws 2She repeats that with her both front paws, first the left, then the right, then the left until the cup is dry, no drip left. If you would see the cup it would be like a fresh cup from the cupboard.

Fientje paws 3Mom comes back in the kitchen convinced that she put milk in the cup but there is nothing. Mom knows herself in the morning so she thinks she didn’t put anything in the cup. After this point it gets boring: “Mom makes coffee”. Fientje is washing her paws in the milk as we speak.

IMG_1785How long did this continued until mom realized that there was something fishy going on? Well I can tell you, a very long time… giggles. Mom even started to doubt her sanity until one day Fientje got caught with her paw in the cup. Mom found then who was the culprit. The fun is now gone. Fientje gets now every morning a tiny bit cat milk in a cup. Mom is watching her cup closely but at the end we had a lot of fun with mom.

Do you make jokes with your mom also my feline friends or are you all the sweetest angels that your mom is thinking that your are? Let me know maybe we find a new trick to have fun with mom.

Purs, love and kisses,
Billy The Time Cat

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29 thoughts on “The paws that steal!

  1. franhunne4u says:

    For sure my two have fun with me. Who is the one to really make the human get out of bed? Not that they are hungry – there are kibbles all over the flat. They want that bed to themselves.
    Right now the tom is better at getting me out of bed as he has perfected the landonfullbladder-jump. But the female is better at keeping me out of bed – while I am in the bathroom to change the full bladder to empty she lies down in front of my pillow. If I were not so cruel, she was on to a winner there. But I am the human I am – I shoo her away and go back to bed at 5 to 5 am.

  2. Rantasalot says:

    This made me smile, funny story! Cats are very clever. Our Kosmo is quite serious cat, but likes to hide. We are calling him, no cat, we are seeking everywhere. Where is the cat? Suddenly he is in the middle of the floor. And I am sure that he is smiling.

  3. dreamymichaela says:

    Hahaha! I enjoyed your story! 🙂 One of our cats used to be a similar milk stealer. I have watched the “stealing” with the paws, but our cat only took small amounts. She didn’t want to get caught – haha!

  4. pilch92 says:

    That is too funny. She is very smart, I have heard of milk baths being good for your skin 🙂

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