Purrsday Poetry: A poem. By Sweet Cee Cee Tortie

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Today’s Purrsday Poetry post comes from Azar Attura.

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A poem. By Sweet Cee Cee Tortie:

Mama (former, now spayed) Cee Cee speaks:
What do cats do when they sleep?
When they are in slumber deep?

Oh, our souls fly the night with our hearts full of love
Looking down at the world with Compassion from above,
Where we touch the poor heart of an animal who hurts
And soothe fevered brows with purrs, more than words.

We care for the animals who suffer and die,
Abandoned, no care — hear this Mama’s Heart CRY!!!
Oh ManKIND where is your KIND heart, is it hidden?
Never oh NEVER has such love been forbidden!!!

When you feed love with love it continues to grow
And it brings the world joy — more than you’d ever know!!

Dear Humans, we cats feel, we selflessly share
Love with animals who do not have anyone to care,
And we WISH that one day you will wake up to see
The YOU are all we have! Please treat us decently.

So wake up next morning — I’m lying in your bed
And hear what I say with my eyes – words unsaid
When you treat us with care, all our souls fill with laughter
That carries itself to ALL life, forever, ever after.

Copyright © 2012, Azar Attura

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