Guest Star: Birman, Horatio Nelson

Hi everyone,
Please find below the story of Birman, Horatio Nelson who was born in March 2000:

When I arrived to meet my first human owner I met my mate Boris, an Oriental Red cat, He taught me how to make Friends with the village population, its amazing how humans just let you into their houses and even feed you titbits, yummy! Boris also taught me how to catch rabbits, they were yummy too. My other best friends were Emma the Labrador, Max the Balinese cat and Dylan the Ragdoll cat.


When I was two I was chasing a rabbit and got hit by a car,  instinct took over and I went to ground. Ten days later my humans found me with two broken legs and light as a paper bag. The wonderful vet resembled my legs with aid of wheels and rods and four months later I was able to resume hunting!


We’ve moved now to Bungay town and I’ve lost all my friends to old age, I have to make do with my humans and the occasional visit from Lola the cocker spaniel. Still it’s all pretty good, but I’m a bit old to go hunting. I spend my days relaxing, popping out on sunny days to greet the walkers who come past my house. They come to feed the ducks, often have bread and are prepared  to share it with me! Humans are always surprised when I rub myself up against them. I’m also pretty good at scaring dogs, obviously making sure they are securely held by their human first!


Roll on Spring and my 16th birthday!
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14 thoughts on “Guest Star: Birman, Horatio Nelson

  1. Susan P says:

    We had a Birman. She was a rescue. Smartest cat I’ve ever known. She was 10 years old when we got her and she left us at age 18. She ran the house while she was with us. We didn’t dare leave messes around. She gave us a certain look and we got with the program. She was a family cat, but my youngest daughter belonged to her. To this day, we may sit down and talk about our Baby Doll and miss her.

  2. pilch92 says:

    I am glad your folks found you and were able to get you veterinary care. Also glad you are enjoying your retirement.

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