Angel’s Cat Paradise by Catastrophic Creations


Holy Cats Tails!! I’m so excited to share this new product I received from Catastrophic Creations. They create furniture that’s functional, with a lot of focus on design. From using techniques like wood burning to experimenting with materials like exotic wood and carbon fiber (coming this summer).


Catastrophic Creations cat furniture is Pawsome as their designs come in different wood colors and bracket colors and different colored material to match your room. It make the walls look like art even though I know it’s a lounger and playground for me, but that will be our secret. Let me show you my Catastrophic Creation design piece by piece and show you how I get up here.

20160129_112406 I’m ready to show you my playground. This is called a Floating Sisal Post Step. I pull myself up on this step from the chair I love to lay on. When you have your step you can put it where you want to use it at. Mom and dad thought this would be a good place because I get on top of the chair I lie down anyways so they put the step here so I can get even higher up.’

20160120_100316After the Floating Sisal Post Step comes the 16′ Hammock that I can lounge in and watch the birds outside from here. My favorite thing is to bring my ball up here to play too .

20160120_102523The Hammock is great to stand on and helps me climb on the Small Stretched Fabric Raceway/lounger right next to it.  It also makes a great landing for my ball.

20160120_100116As you can see I have great balance and the Hammock and Small Stretched Fabric Raceway/lounger are very strong. They use solid wood for the shelving and mounting posts, and thick heavy weight canvas for the hammocks. All of the brackets come attached for easy installation, and all of their furniture also comes with screws. Each fabric section has been tested to hold 62 lbs, and each wooden plank has been tested to hold 85 lbs. Purr…. Now that gets 4 Paws !!

20160120_100845Here’s all 3 pieces all together. Remember us cats love to climb so don’t think your kitty will fall off because we have great balance and we are professionals at climbing.

Look at that Art on the wall.. he he!!! Purr….

20160129_111849I think Catastrophic Creations is Pawsome. I give them 4 paws for their creativity and for thinking like us Cats and really capturing what our needs are. I would love to add to my playground Maybe adding a bridge or a Feline Biplane with wall decals.


Now that I’m finished showing you my playground I better show you how I get down from here and play on the way.

20160120_100407Don’t tell mom that I played with the lamp or she will have to rethink where the lamp will be in my room.. Shssss…

20160120_081559Anyways…. This is how I get down off the Hammock onto the Step.. It’s very easy and fun I even love to scratch on the step like this. It’s a great stretch too..

20160120_101347I hope you enjoyed me showing you how I get up and down from my Catastrophic Creations because I had fun sharing with you and I hope your kitty will get one too because I now sleep on the very top of my raceway/ lounger every night.

20160223_161831I thought you might like seeing my playground all together. (right to left) Floating Sisal Post Step, Hammock and Raceway/lounger.

20160120_100905Thank you for stopping by I love to hear what you think about my review and if you would like to take a peek at all the Catastrophic Creation follow the link below.

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20160129_111540See you next time….


Angel Eyes-Persian

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41 thoughts on “Angel’s Cat Paradise by Catastrophic Creations

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  2. Denise sanders says:

    Wow – I love all of these things! You are also a very clever girl and a wonderful model! I so love your reviews and look forward to every Thursday! Xxxxx

  3. Isis Griego says:

    I love your free view Angel! Those cat furniture decorations look like they are a lot of fun for cats! Us cat people love to spoil our cats with stuff like this!!

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