Guest Star: Purrseidon – The cat that loves water!

 Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Jeanne Foguth and her companion Purrseidon:

In 2014 a feral cat gave birth to some very cute kittens. We fell in love with a tiny calicoish one, and our neighbor was smitten with another, but we were waiting until they were six weeks old before catnapping them… We spent days deciding on the purrfect name for the new addition to our family and eventually came up with the name of Purrseidon and our neighbor decided to name her future family-member Lucy Fur.

All seemed fine, except for the wait, then Lucy Fur drowned in a puddle. Next, we saw a dog shaking Purrseidon, like a toy … the owner said they were just playing. (Not the way we allow our dog to play with a tiny creature!) We went into a panic and catnapped Purrseidon two weeks early.

purrseidon 1
When she got old enough to climb (other than jeans and slacks) and got the kitchen cupboards, we tried to train Ms. Purr to stay off the counters with a squirt gun. She liked getting squirted, and we suspect she’d get on the counters just so we’d get her wet. Then, she learned to turn on the lever sinks and <ehem> play in the potty. Any running water was like a summons for Purrseidon, and no matter where she was, she would rush to it: flush the toilet, she would rush in; fill the tub and splash, you’d have company; forget taking a shower alone. Fortunately, she hasn’t figured out how to get into the dish washer, coffee pot, clothes washer (it has a locking lid, but purrhaps it is only a matter of time before she figures this out)…. Bottom line, if you want Purrseidon, forget calling, “Here Kitty, Kitty.” Just turn on a faucet and she’ll be there in the flick of her tail.
We began to wonder if we’d somehow jinxed our kitten when we purrified the name Poseidon or if we’d subconsciously known she had an obsession with water.

purrseidon 3

As spring came, we noticed that she would sit in the window and meow whenever it rained, so we taught her how to walk on a leash – our county has a leash law for both cats and dogs. She learned quickly, so soon, she was walking Ms. Munchkin two blocks to the school bus. Eventually, we decided to get really daring and took her to The Jungle Trail.

purrseidon 4

She loved riding in the car and adored chasing crabs on the trail, as well as climbing a few trees…. then, she caught a whiff of the Atlantic, and suddenly, instead of walking along companionably, she was tearing off over a small dune. We figured she simply wanted to see what that smell was.

purrseidon 5
She wanted to play in the waves. She wanted to go boogie boarding. She wanted to swim….

purrseidon 6

When the weather and our schedules permit, we try to humor her, even though our elderly tom gets very upset every time she comes home happy as a clam, but soggy and smelling of the sea.

purrseidon 7

If you’re interested, you can follow Purrseidon‘s blog:

Her kitten antics were included Kaj Graham’s humorous little book Kittens Are A**holes – Kaj loves kittens and cats, but is also realistic about the situations they create. Purrseidon’s influence has infiltrated my own Sea Purrtector Files in the form of Mischief, who first appeared in Purr-a-noia  (I was writing the rough draft of that book about the time she moved in. Mischief will also be in The Vi-Purrs, which should be available next spring.)


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47 thoughts on “Guest Star: Purrseidon – The cat that loves water!

  1. daisywillows says:

    OH I love this. The names Lucy fur- sorry to hear about her passing. Purr-seidon has certainly lived up to his name. I have a Bengal and she is obsessed with water. Whenever I run a hot bath I have to make sure she doesn’t jump in. One last thing. That dog using a kitten as a toy brought back this terrible story that I read a couple of weeks back. It makes me so angry that people prefer to ignore the story because it is too horrific. There is a saying that makes me laugh ‘ Statistics show that less animals are harmed when a person is has been shot’ .

  2. lydiaA1614 says:

    We squirt our little Monkey-Cat to keep her from running outside (not allowed in our complex), jumping into cupboards and climbing the Christmas tree. She has never taken to it the way that Purrseidon has…thankfully. But how fun to have a cat that loves to boogie board! She sounds like a real gem!

  3. onespoiledcat says:

    What fun! Purrseidon sure does love water a LOT. She’s also very brave to go out in the ocean and ride the board too! Thanks for letting us meet Purrseidon the “water baby” !!

    Hugs, Sammy

  4. pilch92 says:

    I love Purrseidon, i had no idea you had named her prior to learning of her obsession with water. That is sad about her sister drowning.

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