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Hi everyone,

We’ve been trying out the Bob Martin vetcare website which offers an easy and convenient way to order necessary goods for your pets.

The Bob Martin Vetcare online store not just makes general goods available but it also allows pet owners to buy medicines and prescriptions for their pets – all you need to do is upload your vets prescription and even though while vets may charge for this prescription this can often work out a lot cheaper. In an average year, a pet owner of a healthy adult dog can expect to pay approx. £125 for pet medicines[1], such as wormers and flea treatments; but medicines could cost upwards of £1000 per year for a dog suffering from a chronic illness, such as a heart condition[2]. However, when purchasing pet healthcare products through an online pharmacy, like Bob Martin Vetcare, a pet owner could expect to save up to £75 per year on essential everyday products including Advantage, Drontal and Frontline. When we checked out their website items were often discounted up to 72% of their RRP. (Many were at least 50% off the RRP!)

We found the website was easy to use and it was nice to see that they don’t just sell their own brands but also other brands as well as non branded medicine.


Especially the non branded medicines could save loads of money versus paying out for branded medicine as often it’s not the medicine itself that costs the money but instead you are paying for a specific brand name!

So how would we rate their website? It would be great to see even more products available on their website but overall it’s already got an extensive range of different pet goods and medicines and it’s especially nice to see that their not biased towards just selling their own goods but even go as far as providing pet owners with cheaper non branded alternatives.

About Bob Martin

Bob Martin is family-run pet healthcare business based in Yatton, Somerset. The company was founded in 1892 by Bob Martin, who created a range of vitamin supplements to improve dog coat condition. Today, the company produces a range of pet medicines, food, grooming and hygiene products as well as still producing vitamin supplements for pets. It has offices in the UK, Germany and South Africa and is still owned and run by the Martin family.

For more information on Bob Martin pet supplies, please visit:

About Bob Martin Vetcare

Bob Martin Vetcare is an online pharmacy for pet prescriptions which sells popular animal medicines from manufacturers including Bayer, Merck and Novartis at a significant discount on the cost of buying direct from veterinary practices. The products it sells include flea and worm treatments as well as medication to treat animals with long term health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes or heart conditions. Vetcare also sells Bob Martin own label flea, tick and worm medicines as well as non-branded, generic alternatives.

For more information about the Bob Martin vet care online store, please visit:

1 According to 2013 figures from Sainsbury’s Bank:
2 Figures supplied by veterinary consultant in private practice

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