Cats at the Bar joins Katzenworld (temporarily)

Hi everyone,

As some of you may already know from following CATB the best of the Cats at the Bar posts will be appearing on Katzenworld while Tom is working on his horse photography (You should check out his Blog on this btw!) and prepares for the 2018 Equestrian Games.

But don’t fear as you’ll be able to enjoy some of his fun posts and amazing cat photos straight here on Katzenworld’s new CATB channel! 😀

The bonus for you all? I’ll start right from the beginning of CATB and take those of you that have been over there from the beginning all the way back on the memory lane!

In the beginning, there was Dust Bunny

And later on…

There was Chub-Chub and her amazing tail! 😉

We hope you will enjoy all the fun stories of Chub-Chub, Dusty Bunny and more as much as we have!



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39 thoughts on “Cats at the Bar joins Katzenworld (temporarily)

  1. Amanda Ricks says:

    Your have a wonderful blog Marc-Andre and I’m sure that however you decide to go forward with adding content it will be a lovely addition. Remember as long as you keep that great Katzenworld “flavour” that we’ll all continue to love it!

  2. niasunset says:

    At first I was sad when I heard the news, because I really love this amazing cat land and of course dear Tom too… But then I felt nice because you will be with them, Thank you dear Marc and Thank you dear Tom, God Bless all cats 🙂 Loveing you all so much, love, nia

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