Cat House Rules – The Lounge!

Hello everyone,

Today we would like to share a cute and fun infographic on the favourite lounge positions of cats! The infographic has been based on responses from a national survey, among 2,000 UK pet owners, on favoured cat positions in a typical house.

cat house rules graphic_lounge

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So which one of these is your cat’s favourite lounge spot? 🙂 And can you guys the one of our two? 😀

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28 thoughts on “Cat House Rules – The Lounge!

  1. Our two do have a perch to look out the window, and a sunny spot on my dining room table where the morning sun shines in. Not always with my approval on the table. 🙂 I guess that is why it is covered along with the chairs in the house. If we are not sitting in them, the dogs or cats are. I would guess that yours is the one on the couch for human snuggles. Or maybe all of the above! 😀

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  2. For one of my cats, Teeger, a favorite place is the mantle. I call it her Pride Rock as she can look out over everyone from up there. Wherever I am with my laptop I am sure to have at least one cat next to me. Top of the scratching posts since they are in front of the windows. And, of course, any human bed!

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