Guest Star: Max’s and his owl

Hi everyone,

Please find below a guest post by Max’s dad Tim!

I don’t get to write too many of these stories, because as a rule I am the one that is forever being dictated to. It goes like this, Max tells me what to write and I obediently do as I am told. That’s part of being staff, gotta do as you are told by the Felines.

But we are going to try something different with this piece. This is strictly what I observed when one night not to long ago. As all good stories go there was a knock at the front door. I opened it and there stood the UPS man with a box in his arms. It was for Max, but I signed for it myself. Mr. Wonderful was sacked out in the back of the trailer someplace and no doubt wouldn’t want to be disturbed.

But in short order he stood beside my leg, head bumping me and meowing very loudly. Translated… “Open the box …Dad!!! Come on open the box!!!

I did. In it was a much anticipated catnip toy in the shape of an owl. This time when I dropped the empty box on the floor Max didn’t run over to it and stick his nose inside followed by his entire body. His nose in fact was twitching full tilt over what I had in my hand.

Cat nip!!!

Maybe it was a mistake but I laid Max’s gift on the table and ran for my camera. It took sometime to locate it and slap it together. With fresh batteries in it I ran back to the kitchen and there he was on the floor with his owl. I couldn’t make up my mind if he was in love with it or this was the start of a battle of wills between my feline and his new toy, which was either an angel of love or a villain of the first order. Besides he was way too engrossed in his chewing and kneading and cuddling and all the things that dignified cats do with a new toy. That is…they go nuts!

And so it went, it was hard to keep up with him as he played and flipped it in the air only to capture it in his mock battles until finally he succumbed to exhaustion and then sleep.

That was a week ago; the owl is still around though a bit soggy at times and covered in cat hair. It has an odd smell now too. But both Baby (she’s a calico) and The Maxtor (an American Shorthair) play with it and sleep on it. In shifts that is. They both have other toys but for now Max’s owl is hands down the house favorite. It is by far the best toy I have ever bought for Max. And I owe it all to Marc and his blog’s (Katzenworld) store. Which I have been told is full of all kinds of Christmas goodies, which I am going to have to look into.

Thanks for listening or reading, or…you know what mean.

Max’s Dad….

Tails From The Park





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10 thoughts on “Guest Star: Max’s and his owl

  1. crystaleagle24 says:

    I can fully appreciate the soggy bit, MM would play with her catnip toy (from a herbalist) until it was saturated with cat drool, then wait for it to dry out before making it soggy, again.

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