Events: Irasshaimase (Welcome) to Hyper Japan Christmas Market

Hello everyone,

Following on from the amazing Hyper Japan Christmas Market we finally got around to sharing our photos with you all. 😀

We quickly found the area with all of the cute plush toys and of course cats were available in loads of sizes and colours. 🙂


I don’t think Nubia would have been very happy had we brought home this little one from Tofu Cute. ;P Though Iain sure seems to like our new little friend.

They had such a huge variety of plush toys at the fair, I could have easily spent my entire months salary on cute cat related items!!!

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My personal favourite was the vampire kitty and the black cat bag. Which one is yours? 😀

Speaking of black cats… We found this cute little one from one of the Studio Ghibli movie!


Of course Studio Gibli doesn’t just create cat characters…


… there were many other ones at this stall!!! Some of the black splotches are little dust spirits – can you count how many actual cats are in this photo? 😀

There were so many different stalls at this show that we were actually struggling to find our friends from Genki Gear at first but in the end we managed to locate them!!! 🙂

This time they didn’t just have their T-Shirts with them but also other fun things more geared towards “Otaku” (Anime fans! :o)

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And in case you are wondering I didn’t purchase the ears. 😉 A certain black cat would have chewed those up quicker than one can say Japan! 😮

There was also an exhibition / workshop area of Japanese art. They were showing their own work and teaching people how to draw similar pieces.

My favourite?


The Cat Samurai fighting of the evil crow!

The next thing we found was a familiar sight from Japan! Doki Tableware nowadays also operates in the UK so it’s a lot easier to get a hold of their amazing cat designs. And for those that would like something more traditional Japanese they do have plenty of other deisgns on their website and in their local store.


Full gallery below:

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Another funky stall we visited was Tea Kitty! As the name suggests there were plenty of cute cat themed items available.

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Since nekos (cats) are also a sign of good luck in Japan there were of course plenty of cat figurines available at a variety of different stalls.


My personal favourite was this purple one.

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Yes I found a lot of different cat figurines. 😮

Something very special we found on the show were these cute little dolls made from leftover Kimono material!


They had a fantasy style cay and…


… these super cute Persians!

Last for the show but no less important are Cakes with Faces. Another young organization in the UK that designs loads of funky Anime designs of which many are cat themed!

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This was it and we are already looking forward to Hyper Japan next year! If you are planning to go let us know and maybe we can meet up at the summer event

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget if you are going let us know as we will be there and and would love to meet up with you! Entrance tickets can be purchased here.

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45 thoughts on “Events: Irasshaimase (Welcome) to Hyper Japan Christmas Market

  1. mvaden1948 says:

    I love the purple one too….and the one kneeling in the black kimono on the red mat! OMG….I’d want one of each and that would take much more than a month’s pay and way too many suitcases to get it back here. Oh, then I’d need a bigger apartment…. the list goes on.

  2. ghostbusterbev says:

    Adorable cat stuffies! I learned from one of my Chinese guest students who came to study in Canada that the Chinese word for cat (or perhaps it is Mandarin) is “Mow”…likely spelled different however that is how it sounded. So appropriate for “cat”! Thank you Marc Andre for visiting and following my blog…your blog is so much fun! Joyeux Noel!

  3. jowensauthor says:

    It’s all too cute! I love Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki’s stuff. I just got a mini plush toy of Jiji (the black kitty in Kiki’s Delivery Service) from the Disney Movie Rewards program 🙂 Oh, and I really want that “release the attack kittens” tshirt!

  4. mmapes2 says:

    Wow, what a great post! Thanks for sharing =D It was fun to see so many cute items :3 I think I counted 3 kitties, in that picture: 2 Jiji’s and one cat bus, but I could easily be wrong!

    Thanks for sharing the website for Doki Tableware. I’ve seen their stuff at Disney’s Epcot, but never knew their name!

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