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Hello everyone,

Now most of you probably already know how much I love Japan and that we travel there quite often! So you can imagine how delighted I was when I read about the Hyper Japan Christmas Market which will run from the 27th – 29th of November in the London Tobacco Dock.

Being a Japan festival with loads of goods from said country we are bound to find some cat related items! So the question is what will we find at this years event? 😮

Well all shall be revealed when we go later this month! 😉 But in the meantime let’s have a look at what things have been around at previous Hyper Japan events!

Hello Kitty bags?
Or a pawesome cat bag?!?

In 2012 a fellow blogger even found some really cool cat figurines and plush toys!

Photo Credit: Jayne Kitsch
Photo Credit: Jayne Kitsch

While the following cute MeowMeows party cookie gifts won’t be at the Christmas Market this year (Sadly we confirmed this!) They were just too cute not get a mention in this post. They love parties and events. Each one comes with a tag so that you can write your lovely message to your friends & family. The ethos of these designs are that ‘Animals are our gift’, so we must look after their future as well as our own.

Photo Credit: Christmas 2014 MeowMeows from a fellow Blogger – Super Cute Kawaii


MeowMeows actively supports Battersea Cats & Dogs home and we really loved their slogan because it highlights the importance of adopting rather than “buying a kitten”:

And of course best of all if you REALLY happen to have some friends that are NOT (How dare them!) crazy about cats and cat related items you can always leave them to explore other parts of the fair! 😉 There are many activities for different ages available including some really fun workshops!

Origami-style Gift-wrapping with Rouge UK

Are you always left flummoxed, with sellotape-laden hands while wrapping a perfume set? Fear no more, as HYPER JAPAN have introduced an interactive workshop where participants can learn the craft of Origami (the art of folding paper) to impress their loved ones this Christmas.

Rouge – Origami-style gift-wrapping workshop

The workshop will be led by Lei Yang, founder of ROUGE UK and Kumiko Oya. ROUGE UK is a furniture and gift shop in Stoke Newington, London that’s celebrating its ten year anniversary this year.

Ramen 101 with IPPUDO

The clocks have changed; trees are shedding leaves and the only thing you want is something warm and flavoursome. IPPUDO will be teaching you the art of Ramen so that you can immerse yourself in the complex, Japanese soul-food classic.

IPPUDO, the suppliers of the authentic Ramen – will be giving a masterclass for visitors who will be expertly guided through the intricate world of Ramen. Participants will discover Tonkotsu (pig bone) Ramen’s history, from its humble origins to its many present incarnations including IPPUDO’s own signature broth.

IPPUDO’s – Akamaru Modern

The workshop will also include a hands-on experience, with some of participants practising the “yu-giri” process. A vital and unique process in the ramen-making procedure, “yu-giri” is where the ramen, once removed from boiling water, is sharply shaken to remove excess water. Once mastered the art of “yu-giri”, participants will move on to the crowning moment of the workshop, ramen tasting!

Ukiyo-e Heroes & Mokuhankan Woodblock Print Workshop

The ancient art of woodblock printing has become a revitalised craft due to the duo of Jed Henry (an Illustrator) and Dave Bull (Master Woodblock Printmaker). The Japanese traditional art of Ukiyo-e – born in 17th century – was the big movement of its day; this heritage is especially evident in Japan’s video game industry. Boss fights. Invulnerable heroes. Holy swords. Even the classic double-jump can be traced back to medieval Japanese legends.

Ukiyo-e Heroes – ‘Rickshaw Cart’ Woodblock Print

Ukiyo-e Heroes will be offering two different sessions. A traditional art session in which Japanese classical Ukiyo-e print can be done and a contemporary art session where people can print Ukiyo-e Hero’s original artwork inspired by video game characters such as Super Mario Bros. , which people can print by themselves and take home.

Illustrator Jed Henry, says about HYPER JAPAN: ‘I’m excited to show everybody how painstakingly Ukiyo-e craftspeople perform each step, and how much love goes into making every Japanese print’.

‘More and more, Japanese culture is becoming world culture. Whether Japan likes it or not, artists like David Bull are forcing their way into the art scene. And by the same logic, whether the world is ready or not, Japanese culture is spreading around the world. HYPER JAPAN is an example of how Japan’s popularity is becoming a worldwide industry.’

Ukiyo-e Heroes workshop is a separate event that will not be included in the HYPER Creative Studio.

Ikebana: Japanese flower arrangement with Hanako Motoya

Flower arrangement in Japan is no laughing matter. The practise is considered a Philosophy which relates to an individual’s relationship with nature, silence and contemplation.

Hanako Motoya flower arrangement

The workshop will be orchestrated by Ms. Hanako Motoya who studied European and Japanese flower arrangement (Ohara School of Ikebana) which spurred her into starting floristry in London after fifteen years of devotion to the craft. Workshop visitors will be able to immerse themselves into the types of flowers, techniques and the ideology with this Ikebana workshop. Learning the difference between European and Japanese flower arrangement and creating their own.

Tea Experience with TeaHouse

A good cup of tea is a quintessential part of the English tradition, yet there is more to tea than Earl Grey and English Breakfast. TeaHouse – specialists in Eastern teas – are offering an in-depth examination into the teas that populate the menus of our favourite restaurants.

Workshop guests will be shown the methodology to make the best tea and tasting different types of tea, engaging in a dialogue with the workshop presenters and other guests. Over the course of the workshop, three different types of tea will be available for sampling: a green tea, an oolong tea, and a sparkling jasmine tea.

There will be over 10 sessions over the three-day HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2015 allowing plenty of time for enthusiastic Japanophiles to immerse themselves with J-culture.

HYPER JAPAN started in 2010, and this will mark the 9th event in London. HYPER JAPAN festival 2015, the most recent festival, finished successfully in July with tens of thousands of participants.

HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2015 will be taking place from Friday 27 November 2015 to Sunday 29 November 2015 at Tobacco Dock London.

HYPER Creative Studio Highlights – all workshops will last the duration of 90mins

  • Origami-style Gift-wrapping with Rouge UK:   £5pp
  • Decorative Sushi with Sushi Art Surrey:           £10pp
  • Kids Master Sushi Competition with Sozai:     free
  • Tea Experience with TeaHouse:                        £5pp
  • Ramen 101 with IPPUDO:                                 free
  • Festive Macarons with Supercute Macarons:  £5 pp
  • Ikebana: Japanese flower arrangement:          £7 pp
  • Create your own kokeshi doll                           free
  • Paint your own “kitsune” fox mask                  free

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget if you are going let us know as we will be there and and would love to meet up with you!

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17 thoughts on “Events: Cat themed things @ Hyper Japan Christmas Market

  1. jmnowak says:

    Extraordinary! love it…I may not have a cat, but the surrogacy is in my two black flat-cats fridge magnets which I’ve had for years, easy to carry around, and my small cat-bowl which has cat images painted around the outside along with Japanese hieroglyphics, and inside one lovely cat image with more hieroglyphics, bought at, Made in Japan, a favourite local store I visit occasionally. Delightful. The Japanese can be so childlike with their interests, and I’m glad they are, too! And, would you believe, I too had some Ikebana lessons at a local Ohara school a few years ago!

    • Marc-André says:

      🙂 I love Japan for exactly those reasons too. So having a Japan festival in London is awesome! Helps get over the time we have to wait before we are visiting Japan again haha

        • Marc-André says:

          Oh I love those 🙂 you should go and visit the real Japan ^^ if i am not mistaken it’s quicker to get there from Australia than it is from here. At least people always suggest to stay over in Japan, Hong Kong or Korea on the way to Australia =o

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