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Today’s guest post comes from Sofie Senden:

Meet Zara, our mascotte!

Exactly one week ago, we rescued this cutie. We can’t take our eyes off of her ever since, so why not share some pictures of her and tell you how she was rescued.

(Scroll down for the pictures!)


So, last week, I was enjoying the beautiful weather as I walked outside near the water. All of a sudden it became gloomy and very windy, so I ran to the bridge nearby for shelter. I sat there for a while since it just wouldn’t stop raining. But then I heard something. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it sounded like an animal in need. So I started looking everywhere, without any success. A friend came over to help search for the animal and we finally saw her. She was stuck in a tiny space between the walls. We wanted to grab her, but she was too scared so she crawled deeper into the holes. We didn’t want to make it worse, so unfortunately we gave up. The rain had stopped, so we went home…

I couldn’t stop thinking about it. What if she really needed help?

A few hours later, when I was on my way home from the gym. I told my sister about the cat and she suggested we’d go take another look. I thought the cat would already be gone by then, but as soon as we arrived, I heard her meowing. I got hopeful and very motivated to save her this time, so that’s what we did.

We still couldn’t reach her because she was stuck. My sister crawled in-between the walls, and nearly got stuck herself, but she was able to grab the cat! But… that wasn’t the end of it. The cat escaped from her hands and ran across the street! We were so scared, because there was a lot of traffic. We started running as fast as we could, but the cat went underneath our car. Things got even wilder when she crawled into the engine of the car! We couldn’t reach her because the engine was too hot. We made loud noises, which made her jump out of the car.

She ran into the fields and so did we. We were determined to grab her and make sure she was okay. FINALLY we were able to catch her! She was severely dehydrated so we took her home to take care of her.

Since then, she has been the cutest little thing ever. She is so photogenic, so lovable and cute. We have fed her and nursed her, so now she’s perfectly healthy. We are so in love with her, and she seems to love the camera!

Basimella - Zara





Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?! What do you think about our 2 hour rescue?

We’ve got soooo many animals at home, it’s pretty much a zoo here. But I love it so much..

Would you like me to show you what other animals I’ve got? They’ve all got some interesting stories attached to them!

Let me know in the comments 😀

Thank you for reading their story and don’t forget to visit them here. If you have your own story you can email it to have it featured.

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70 thoughts on “Guest Star: MEET THE MASCOTTE – ZARA

  1. franhunne4u says:

    If you want some advice: Take her to the vet for a checkup. She might have some worms from her mother, she will defo need her vaccinations and since she was dehydrated you might want to check on her blood levels – her liver particularly. That costs money, I know, but that is what being a pet owner is like. And you should save some more money, as in about two, three months she might be ready for being neutered (you do not want an unneutered cat who brings kittens twice, sometimes thrice a year!). The vet can tell you, if she has a chip (unlikely, but if she has, she has a loving owner, if not, get one for her, so in case she wanders off and does not find her way back you might get her back).
    Yes, I am the unfunny voice of reason. But you want the best for your cat – and for the other animals at your home.

  2. coffeewitholiver says:

    You and your sister did a grand thing in your determination to save this girl. I’m proud of you. As someone else said, she really will need to be neutered soon, and you can have her general health checked at that time, too. Most likely she DOES have worms, even if you see no signs.

    Obviously, you are taking very good care of her. She looks great, and is calm and happy. She’s quite a looker, too! 🙂


  3. fizzylizzy2003 says:

    Lovely heartwarming story, brilliant that you persevered and gave this precious beautiful kitten a chance to survive, thank you for caring and sharing, love Liz and my special kitty Amelia xxx

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