Oliver & Nubia: Can I open them now?

Hi everyone,

Can you believe that my humans had all these lovely christmas toys and snacks and told me that I am not actually allowed to open them before December 24th?!? I mean seriously… I am a cat and LOVE to try out my presents the second they arrive!!!! 😮

Well in the end we settled for that I am allowed to play with them a little bit before they have to go away… lol


Nubia: Look! It’s a catnip Santa. 😀


Nubia: Though I am more interested in what these taste like… 😀


Nubia: And the wave is pretty cool too! I can stand on top to scratch it…


Nubia: … or use it to almost reach the human’s face for a kissy. <3


Nubia: And I just LOVE the feather underneath. Ooops I threw it over now LOL.


Oliver: *Grumbles* Is this what Nubia made all the noise with while I was trying to sleep???

Nubia: It’s so much fun Oli!

Nubia: Hmmmm What is this for?


Nubia: Maybe lying on top? 😮


Nubia: I guess we can go inside it?

Oliver: What have you found in there???

Nubia: I found nothing apart from a perfect sleeping place!

Oliver: That’s what you always say…

Nubia: Honestly! No snacks. 😮

On another note if you’d like to convince your human that you need some of these you can tell them to go to their local Pets at Home to pick them up or purchase them online here.

Below you can see a few of their other purrfect present ideas and pricing. 😀


This was part of the general christmas toy range.


And this is the luxury and purrfect collection of items at Pets at Home. Of course I deserve the luxury edition items. 😉

So don’t forget to head over to their Christmas Shop now. 😀

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Signed by,

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief


Her Meowjesty Queen Nubia the Destroyer of Peace

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29 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Can I open them now?

  1. These two are priceless. Monkey would be right there with them, specially for the “sack”. I’ve been hiding presents for her and her muttly sister, Violet, for a month now. It is hard to do when you have a cat that literally gets into every nook and cranny in this place!

  2. One year in the run up to Christmas we heard a rustling under the tree. Kara, normally so well behaved, was sorting through the presents under the tree, she emerged with one. It was her catnip toy from the herbalists Culpeper. It was in its plastic bag, in a paper bag, in a plastic bag, then wrapped in wrapping paper, still she could smell it. Had to bribe her with ‘sweeties’ to get it back and then put it in the garage until Christmas.

  3. Beautiful, amazing, exciting, enjoyable… I want to live in there with them too 🙂 there is always a package, a gift, a surprise 🙂 I loved this. Thank you, Love, nia

  4. I like these stories, you understand that cats, and all animals, talk. I know some people who say that it is impossible, but they have problems with their ears, I think. Thank you for giving us joy and happiness every day.

      1. They don’t play with what they’re got! I try to get them to play with their toys, but they prefer a plastic straw, bottle lid, feather, toy mouse or a box filled with paper. Plus they’re at this age where they think playing is for kittens. Or one does. They look at me like seriously, you wanna play now? I’m not game!

          1. Angelous is 13 and Diesel 11. Diesel still chases his tail, plays in boxes. I will let Angelous off at the moment as currently in treatment for IBD!

          2. Thank you. I hope so too. He’s about to start chemo medicine. I’m not looking for to trying to get him to take them. The vet gave me a capsule/tablet thing to help me at medicine time!

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