Mews: Christmas Guide for Catlovers and Owners! *Meow*

Hi everyone,

With Christmas just on the horizon we here at Katzenworld HQ are getting super excited! I think we managed to hide all the presents for our own kitties but you never know they may have sniffed them out already. 😉

If you are looking for the perfect present and haven’t quite decided yet this post is exactly what you need. 😀 We have put together a list of purrfect present for your own cats and cat loving friends alike.

In the first section we will cover the gifts for humans :


You all know how much we love black cats so seeing someone that has actually made a lovely black cat watch is brilliant. These watches are not cheap at an RRP of £195 but will certainly stand out! You can find this one here.

marc cats

Looking for the really special present? How about a personalised Sketch from My Dreamlines. We got Oliver and Nubia as a Sketch for them and love it! If you’d like to get your own click here – prices start at $200 and it can be delivered to the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia! These are sure to impress and are a lovely memento for all pet owners!

Some of you may know that us here at Katzenworld HQ LOVE boardgames. So what is better than a cat shaped snack bowl to go along for those?!? If you have similar cat loving friends make sure to get this one from Formahouse for 15£.

Genie Gadgets has a variety of cute gifts and gadgets alike but this coffee cup seems perfect for a Secret Santa purchase! 😉 This one is £8.45 and available to UK and Ireland residents.

A book filled with fun and cute cat emoticon stickers? HELL yeah! Brilliant, cute and adorable all in one. I probably just wouldn’t want to use them! Published by PGW and available through many of your usual sources. More details and to get the ISBN number click here.

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These two and many other cute designs are available from Cole of London, delivery is available worldwide.


Looking for the ultimate cat owner present? how about a crafting with cat hair book! This one is available from Firebox.

Looking more for toys and gifts for the kitties? Those are below:

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These adorable toys and the fish stocking are available on Elsie & Fleur. The fish is available in plenty of colours. Click here to see the full range! Delivers can be made worldwide but outside of the UK you’d have to email for a one off quote

This amazing tunnel and other cool cat toys are available from worldstores! For the tunnel click here and for the full range of cat items here. Delivery can only be made to the UK at this time.


You’d like to buy toys for your cat but also do something good? The PDSA charity shop has plenty to choose from such as these two little mice! For the full pet range click here.

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Looking for some affordable toys that are set to delight your kitty? Armitage has you covered! Be it an advent calendar or a Christmas stocking you can find these in most pet shops and online retailers!


Looking to distract your cat from your own Laptop? You can get this one from Firebox! 🙂

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And last some safe Christmas Crackers for your cats from Annabel James! Delivery is available outside of the UK too. 🙂

We hope you enjoyed our Christmas gift guide part 1 – there will be more suggestions next week! And don’t forget to tell us which one of these was your own personal favourite item. 🙂

For more ideas you can also browse our in house product reviews here. These are products that we have thoroughly tested and provided you with our own photos and recommendations.

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35 thoughts on “Mews: Christmas Guide for Catlovers and Owners! *Meow*

  1. pilch92 says:

    Great finds. I love the cat tunnel. I had the cat hair book from the library and I am too lazy to do any of the projects.

  2. Holly'sMom says:

    Love the watch and cat bowl! The watch is a bit steep, but the bowl………hmmm……. Somewhere I have some cat shaped paper clips a friend gave me. Of course, they are way too cute to use as actual paper clips, but I love them!

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