Guest Star: Kaba – Sweetness and Indifference Rolled into One

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Mik and Kaba!

Hi everyone!

photo 1

We’re Katzenworld readers and fellow feline friends from the Philippines, and we’d like to introduce Kaba, our three-year old male purr-ball who spends his leisure time leaping on water tanks, cabinets, and of course, sleeping. He’s also a master hunter, given that he’s deposited over a dozen mice under our beds. Although known by the animals around our home as the harbinger of the end times, he is a bundle of joy to our family.

Photo 2

Kaba was taken in by the family after we gave shelter to his stray pregnant mother, Samantha, who is currently with another family. Neutered – and traumatized from his trip to the vet – he enjoys access to all the rooms and the beds in our home, though he prefers to sleep with and is close to my 13-year old sister, Carmeli, at night (which is probably due to smell).

photo 3

She’s had a history of bad skin allergies (dust and dander) and skin asthma, but ever since Kaba came into our home, a visit to the pediatrician was never warranted.

We can’t exactly credit Kaba for “curing” my sister, we’re pretty sure his presence is partially responsible for eliminating it. After all, pets in general are known to boost the immune system.

Oh wait, we forgot to mention that Kaba has a canine companion as well? Meet Trek, our 12 year old female Japanese Spitz. They’re not the best of friends though: both barely tolerate each other. This is partially our fault, as we never introduced them properly. Add that Trek can be pretty jealous; she immediately comes over and whines when Kaba lounges on my lap.

Photo 4

Kaba’s personality is independent and he’s mostly aloof. He never meows and barely craves companionship (unless if he’s bored or hungry), and is content in exploring our home and sleeping in the weirdest of places. He won’t come if you call him, though he’ll randomly curl up on your belly while you’re taking a siesta!

Thank you for taking the time to know about Kaba!



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32 thoughts on “Guest Star: Kaba – Sweetness and Indifference Rolled into One

  1. coffeewitholiver says:

    “Harbinger of death” made me lol. 😀 I love it when my independent boy suddenly comes looking for a cuddle unexpectedly too, or when I wake up and he’s right next to me.

    Love that photo of the courtyard with the pup and the side room with the kitty. Looks like a lovely home you all share.

    Followed you on twitter. 🙂


  2. Lisa says:

    So adorable with the Hello Kitty! Madonna, one of the first cats we owned loved to sleep with our son’s pacifier in her mouth! She was a mess! LOL

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