Charity Mews: Cats Protection Looking for the “Black Cat Superstar”

Hi everyone,

Oliver and Nubia fully approve of Cats Protection’s National Black Cat Day! So please find below more details about their special day and hunt for a Black Cat Superstar. Go ahead and submit your black cat photos via their Facebook page here. 😀

We entered Nubia with her super cute tunnel photos so wish us luck!. 🙂


Cats Protection’s annual celebration of black and black-and-white cats is back on Tuesday 27 October 2015.

Now in its fifth year, National Black Cat Day aims to encourage cat lovers to adopt their own special monochrome moggy from their local Cats Protection branch.

For reasons not quite known, black and black-and-white cats are the least popular when it comes to rehoming, and take 13 per cent longer to adopt than their more colourful counterparts.

In 2014, black and black-and-white cats accounted for almost half of all cats taken in by the charity and spent on average 52 days in care, compared to, for example, the 33-day average of silver tabbies.

Recent research conducted by the charity shows that the myth that black cats are unlucky seems to be taking hold with the younger generation who perhaps are being influenced by American attitudes.

While percentages of people aged 35 and over who said they think black cats are unlucky are minimal (two to four per cent depending on the age bracket), a notable 22 per cent of research participants aged 18 to 34 stated that they see black cats as unlucky.¹

Renowned fashion designer Elizabeth Emanuel has three black-and-white rescue cats of her own (along with ginger cat Jerry), and she can’t understand why there seems to be an issue around black and black-and-white cats because she wouldn’t be without Newby, Google and Pebbles.

Elizabeth and Newby

“First of all I would always advise people to adopt a rescue cat, because they’re the most in need of a loving forever home,“ says Elizabeth, “But apart from that, why should colour matter? I don’t understand why some people have a reluctance to give black and black-and-white cats a home, because all cats become part of the family, and they have different personalities no matter how they look or what colour they are.”

In the run up to the day, Cats Protection is searching for a National Black Cat Day Champion – a wonderful black or black-and-white rescue cat who can show the world just how wonderful monochrome moggies really are. If you think your cat fits the bill, you can get involved on Cats Protection’s national Facebook page at Once the winner has been selected by the public from the rescued cats’ photos and stories, the Champion will get their own photo shoot and will be the poster puss for future appeals.

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We shall be back to feature the winner!



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51 thoughts on “Charity Mews: Cats Protection Looking for the “Black Cat Superstar”

  1. Thanks for doing this. My dearest cat Panther who passed away in 2011, was an all-black cat, and my husband’s favorite cat, a gorgeous young male, all black also, passed at a young age. So sad that people buy into these ridiculous superstitions.

    1. Or the latest rubbish I heard “black and white cats and black cats don’t do well on social media” it’s like excuse me! Don’t blame poor photography skills on the cats 😉

  2. Best of luck to Nubia. She’s gorgeous!

    I cannot imagine why black and tuxedo cats have such a hard time finding homes. Of all my cats, they’re the ones that touched my heart the most.

    1. So are ours! It’s so sad really. We took the two cats that chose us regardless of colour – though I might be slightly biased to “monochrome” kitties 😉

    1. Indeed. Yet there are so many of them in shelters in the UK we need to do a long term monochrome cat campaign and just do black and white photography to make em all equal haha

  3. The numbers are reflected in the USA too. Black cats are much harder to place. It drives me nuts that people are this way…don’t know if it does much good but I always retweet the black and black-and-white cats who need rescuing on Twitter…plus of course the last four cats I’ve taken in myself are black! 😀
    Thank you for posting this.

  4. Bizarre, isn’t it! I fell in love with my B&W fluffball at first sight, & only heard years later about the odd thing of people not adopting them due to their colour… I can’t fathom it! I’d have cats of all colours, stripes, patches if I could take in more 🙂

          1. Word and seperate to photos attached to it. It’s difficult to remove jpgs from word but obviously good to know where to place the photos XD

          2. Ooops no no you are fine. You’ve done exactly what I meant. Word doc and seperate jpgs. :). Sorry had a few guest story emails the last few days!

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