Infographic: Suck It Up!

Hi everyone,

Today we would like to share this cute infographic on some fun facts around cats and their “friends” the canines. 😮


(Created by MediaVision digital agency on behalf of BISSELL UK)

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39 thoughts on “Infographic: Suck It Up!

  1. Midnight Knitter says:

    Cat and dog down are so hat they have too be blended with another fiber like wool before it is spun into yarn. They make yarn that looks like angora and they take dye well. Of course my cats just shed their fur into my knitting while I’m working. Such helpful cats.

    • Marc-André says:

      Oh! But it’s just the oil us humans are allergic too I thought :o. My friends cat is allergic to cats (yes that’s an amazingly awful allergy for a cat!!!) so the poor fella has to be bathed every third day to remove the allergen of his fur as he re acts allergic to himself too. :(. So maybe washed hair would be ok? 😮

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