Mews: Sapphie the Station Cat in Tails from Tonbridge

Hi everyone,

So it turns out that Japan isn’t the only place with official station cats! 😀 We have our very own station cat called Sapphie in Tonbridge here in the UK.

Southeastern has even made a short movie for her called Tails from Tonbridge!

More about her and how Southeastern is supporting her below:

It may not seem like the most obvious of homes for a cat, but eight-year-old Sapphie has taken up residence at a TRAIN STATION.

The hairy hobo needed somewhere to live when her former owners moved away from her house near Tonbridge station, in Kent.

Southeastern employees were more than happy to let her move in and Sapphie quickly decided her new abode was just purr-fect.

Now the misplaced moggie, who has become a big hit with passengers, has fully set down her paws.

And a 90 second film has been made showing just how much her claws are well and truly under the timetable

Steve Davies, who works in the Sales Ticket Office at Tonbridge station, said: “She goes wherever she likes basically.”

Sapphie cat naps in the Station Manager’s office – the only place where litter is allowed. She has developed a penchant for flowing tap water and scratch-satisfying coconut matting at the café.


Fans of Sapphie have taken to Tweeting pictures of her. Commuters like her so much they even leave her treats and presents.

Jamie Good, Station Supervisor, said: “She’s like our little extra helper. She makes herself known out on the platform and brings people together because everyone’s talking about her, getting treats for her, feeding her, buying her new beds and all sorts of stuff like that.”

Debbie Hanson, Local Train Coordinator and “one of her feeders”, said: “She just started hanging around here. A few of us started thinking we better get some food for her and got really attached. The (previous) owners said her name was Sapphire, so it’s Sapphie for short, and we just kept that name.”

Sapphie’s tail (sic) is the first in a series of short films by Southeastern tagged #AmazingJourneys. They will be available on YouTube and show some of the more quirky stories from across the network.

David Statham, Managing Director of Southeastern, said: “Hundreds of thousands of passengers use our services every day but they may not be aware of some of the amazing stories that happen at our stations. With #AmazingJourneys we want to share some of these that show the people, places – even pets – out on our network every day.”

We hope you enjoyed her story and video and are looking forward to more great stories right here on the caternet!

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28 thoughts on “Mews: Sapphie the Station Cat in Tails from Tonbridge

  1. Sabina Ayne says:

    First, I am so glad Sapphie has a happy home where people actually love her and will care for her. Second, shame on her family for moving away and leaving her behind. I simply do not understand the mindset of people who can leave a vulnerable creature behind to fend for herself. (Even if they did think the station would be a good place to leave her. They still left her with no real home.) Third, we need to remember that Sapphie may be the exception when it comes to what really happens to abandoned pets. I don’t know statistics, but I’m pretty sure most stories don’t have a happy ending. LadyBird could have been one of those tragic stories if I had not been at the right place at the right time. Thank you for sharing Sapphie’s story! 🙂

  2. lawjic says:

    Sapphie is just ANOTHER genius cat. I have truly enjoyed reading her story on her TRAVELS in the UK. The video is adorable. What a wonderful story, Marc. I wish Sapphie a long, happy life, traveling all over where ever she pleases. She is JUST THAT BRIGHT. It’s too hard NOT to fall in love with you, sweet Sapphie! You know how to travel! Love you a lot! Be well and stay safe. Please do not get CAT NAPPED!


  3. mvaden1948 says:

    Hurray for Sapphie!
    Would you believe Diavolo sat on my lap and actually watched the video? Really, he was looking at the screen and perked up every time she was on. He got a little bored with the people though.

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