Angel’s Eyes: Fun with the rainbow toy

Hi everyone,

Hope you are having a great week! 🙂

Mum got this amazing toy for me the other week… It’s colorful and it’s long and I just love trying to hunt it down!!!


Come on give it to me! 😀


Yes!!!!! Just a bit closer…


What – don’t roll it up! That makes it more difficult for me. 😮


That’s better! 😀


Will you give it back to me if I roll over for you? <3


Woohoo! Thank you <3


Yum! It tastes good as well! 🙂

Gosh I am totally exhausted now… Time for my beauty nap. <3

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29 thoughts on “Angel’s Eyes: Fun with the rainbow toy

  1. I just love this kitty and just wanted to say some days this blog helps me get through the tough times…thank you very much……..

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