Oliver & Nubia: Cats Delight by Webbox

Hello everyone,

Today their Meowjesties are trying out some new crunches from Webbox pet food range Cats Delight.


Oliver: Human! Why is there no food in the bowl yet. 🙁


Oliver: What is this and why isn’t it open yet! 😮


Oliver: Now how am I going to get into this bag of food!

Nubia: I’ll just wait here until the humans fixed that…. 😮


Oliver: That’s better!


Oliver: Uhm these are delicious. 😀

Nubia: Out of the way! It is my turn. 😛


Nubia: Yum! Oliver was right they are brilliant.


Nubia: What! They are almost gone already??? 🙁 This bowl is too small!

The two sure scoffed up those crunches quickly…

This particular range is available in Chicken & Duck and Salmon & Chicken flavor from the Webbox online shop.

Overall verdict:
Both of our picky kitties agree that either of the Webbox flavours are tasty and a great choice for dry-food. While these crunches contain some carbs Webbox has ensured that their first ingredients is meat!

If you would like to buy your own they are available from most major supermarkets and pet stores in the UK as well as the Webbox online store and of course Amazon!

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10 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Cats Delight by Webbox

  1. crystaleagle24 says:

    I always found with MM that the test of any new food wasn’t if she ate the first bowl full, or even the second, but if the third bowl full was eaten it generally meant she liked it, usually until it was ‘improved’ then she wouldn’t like it any more!

    • Marc-André says:

      Lol tell me about it. This food they are still eating. 🙂 Nubia loved it so much that she doesn’t let Oli eat first and he is usually top cat lol

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