Tips & Advice: Keeping Your Kitty Calm

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Keeping Your Kitty Calm

Whether your cat is a little anxious or the total opposite – a little too excitable! – it can be really helpful to have some fail-safe techniques stored in your back pocket for the times you may need to encourage some calmer behaviour. This could be useful at times when you need to keep your cat still as you trim their nails, or even to soothe them if playtime goes just a little bit too far. Regardless of the circumstances in which you might need them, here are some of our top tips for keeping our feline friends cool, calm and collected!

If I fits, I sits

It’s a well-known (and frequently super-cute) fact that if there’s something cat-sized to sit in, they 100% will sit in it! A laundry basket full of clean clothes, the sink or even the cardboard box you’re trying to take out to recycle, for your cat, the important thing they’re getting from these enclosed spaces is a feeling of safety. Within them, they can feel much more secure – which makes popping a small box or two around the home a great idea if you’re looking to promote a greater sense of calm in your kitty day-to-day.

I might not go to work, but I like to be kept busy


Though it might seem like your cat is perfectly happy to chill out and laze around the house (likely in all the places they’re not usually allowed!) when you’re out at work, the reality is that this extra rest means that energy is being stored up ready to use when you get home later. Instead, it’s worth investing in some cat toys that they can keep themselves amused with throughout the day! Automated ones that don’t have to include human interaction work best, and squeaky or jingly toys can add additional sensory fun. Of course, when you do come home, be sure to take the time to interact and play with your cat too! Though you might be tired, spending around 20 minutes actively playing with them can help tire them out for the night too.

If you need me to be still for a moment, try covering my eyes

Sometimes, a kitty is just so overloaded with sensory experiences, eliminating one of the big ones can help encouraging a degree of calm. Gently placing a small blindfold, or even your hand over your cat’s eyes means that they would no longer have the sight element concerning them – instinctually, this means that your cat may well become visibly calmer. Though they will undoubtedly become irritated by these before too long, those few seconds of calm can allow you to carefully clip their claws, take a closer look at their fur and skin or even to help them relax before you go to bed.

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23 thoughts on “Tips & Advice: Keeping Your Kitty Calm

  1. Rita says:

    Thank you for this post. My Jazzy loves boxes, baskets and small cabinets. Now I know why. I am going to try covering her eyes and see how that works! Love your posts!

  2. ayelouise says:

    Nice tips! I usually tire my kitties by playing with them.. after an hour, I will surely see them sleeping soundly on top of our fridge and their boxes 🙂

  3. The Canadian Cats says:

    I love these ideas for a calmer kitty. My sis gets upset and anxious when she is not feeling good so these will be helpful. Mom also has a playlist just for Kali, with all the laid back songs she could think of. Kali reacts positively to the playlist.


  4. jayni wilson-sickler says:

    Great tips for cat lovers like me. Especially the covering of their eyes.
    Thanks for sharing!
    And thanks for liking my cat post today. I thought of you when I placed it in my blog queue!!
    Cat Folks Unite ~ jayni

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