Guest Star: Coco

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Coco and her mum Angelina ! 😀

Coco is 8 years old and is still very mischievous for her age. 🙂

She was a rescue kitten along with her sisters and brothers here in Canada.

And she came to our house at 8 weeks.

Since then, she has ruled the house.


She is a little princess. But let her tell you her whole story now:

I was born in Navan Veterinary clinic, in Ontario. But my Mom died soon after and I was left along with my brothers and sister with another mother who took care of us, all very lovingly, with her own brood.Coco baby 1But when sister Tanya came to the clinic, and saw me meowing and walking towards the wall, she was so taken up by me. 🙂  I was walking towards the wall, because I could not see anything, I was only a few days old!! Then after about a month, Tanya came again with her Mom, Angy and took me home.

I was so thrilled, when they came the second time, as I was tired of living with my siblings always having to fight for food and water, and since I was the smallest, I always ended up not having anything. So when Sister checked my brother, I jumped to her neck, and screamed at her, saying “take only me“…. Well she got the message and took me to their home.

Now I live like the queen of the house. They do what I tell them to do. Otherwise, I know how to grumble and make them pay attention.

This was taken at my first Christmas. I was 3 months old. I could fit in this basket. I loved playing. Specially hiding and jumping on Tammy, who was a like another mummy cat for me.

Coco's 1st x'mas

This photo was taken at my second Christmas. I saw my family put up this tree, and I thought it was ideal for me to climb it and show, my feat. But all I got was, screams, and and them hugging the tree, ‘cos it would fall. After that chaos, I didn’t climb that tree, even though it has been put up a lot of times.


But still even now, I love playing with that tree.

No one can see me


Scratching my post.

Coco scratching

When I need tummy rubs.

6 years old



Oh and don’t forget if you too would like your cat to appear as a Guest Star just drop us an email! 😀

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37 thoughts on “Guest Star: Coco

  1. raisingdaisy says:

    Great story and what a beautiful kitty! I know one other cat who climbed to the top of the Christmas tree, but the tree was fully decorated at the time. Needless to say, it was a very tricky and messy situation!

  2. lawjic says:

    Coco is adorable and a beauty. The photos are OFF THE CHARTS outstanding. This is one of the BEST guest posts! Great job!

  3. New Journey says:

    Hello and thanks for checking out my blog….love the kittys….my daughter has 2 brothers that second for my grandchildren…..and they are characters…..look forward to reading more…kathy

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