Cat Travel: Cat Delivery Service?

Hi everyone,

On our journey across Japan we couldn’t resist taking a picture of one of the popular delivery services in Japan.

Why did we take the photo?


Because their company logo is a cat carrying her kitten! 😀

I just love the idea of our post being delivered by a cat delivery service. 😉

I wonder if I can convince Oli and Nubia to deliver my post worldwide? :O



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38 thoughts on “Cat Travel: Cat Delivery Service?

  1. Tejaswi says:

    Hahaha, my cats do… they do deliver the mail when the bathroom doors are locked and there are no humans around to help them out. Then the “mail” gets delivered in the oddest places possible. Would not recommend my cats’ delivery service to anyone 😀

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  3. Nasuko says:

    Of course! ?Japanese cat deliver worldwide like that Phoenician also amazed?XD

    A metaphor of cat’s habits to carry a kitten carefully.??D

  4. Nash-eoke says:

    Katzenworld ! ?

    Thought I’d look this up . Did’nt know it was a Delivery Service .

    First time I saw the Carry Cats was on You Tube : General Malice , Hands Up .

    I not long after carved them into a Halloween Pumpkin .

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