Mews: Cat Yoga video!

Hey guys,

I found this video while I put together Oliver’s cat Yoga photos and just had to share it with you all. 🙂

I have to say I am surprised that the cat isn’t trying to escape during the Yoga session. XD

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38 thoughts on “Mews: Cat Yoga video!

  1. One of our Siamese cats loved helping out when I used to lift weights. He’d sit on my chest, rub around my legs, etc. The sound of the weights didn’t bother him, although having him so close to my face could get irritating. The other two left me alone, but he loved coming in the room when I exercised. Cats!


  2. The cats seem to enjoy the yoga lesson 😀
    One of our cats always joins me while working out and watches every move I do. While resting I have to cuddle her of course 😉

  3. Haha… This cat is amazingly friendly and playful. It must have been taught how to behave and it seem to enjoy it too because he totally trusts his owner. I doubt that other cats would be so cooperative.

  4. As a yoga practitioner, I will never look at yoga the same way again. It looks like you need to have a very patient and willing cat to practice yoga with. None the less, it looks fun and more entertaining by getting a cat involved.

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