Oliver: Cat Yoga!

Hi there humans!

Today it is time for a session of cat Yoga with your favorite tuxedo cat – Yes ME Oliver 😀


Step 1: Check that toys are safe and not in the way (Wouldn’t want to kill Mr Teddy or the little sheep would we?)


Step 2: STRETCH! The higher up you get your back the better! Just remember DO NOT KICK OF THE TOYS! Unless of course there is an unsuspecting human nearby and you can blame it on your cat yoga exercises :D!

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Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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28 thoughts on “Oliver: Cat Yoga!

    1. LOL. Yes that does sound familiar. That’s what Nubia does to me and my books haha. :). We are back in London now btw. Sure wish it was as warm here 😡

          1. Haha yeah! People don’t want to understand that warming in some parts may mean cooling in other parts and keep calling the whole global warming a hoax 🙁

  1. I’ve been doing Yoga since shortly after I got a cat as a young girl and now I realize that cats invented yoga and she taught me! I’d always been pretty sure about that, actually.

    1. Lol XD Oliver has yet to do yoga on top of Nubia. But you never know. He already forgets his toys half the time and gets scared knocking em off 😡

  2. Oliver, your stretches are great. I wanted you to try the ,”Down Facing Dog.” I try this exercise daily and always want to .”woof” when I finally get into the pose. Do you have a remedy for this situation because my sister gives me the dirtiest looks? Thanks Oliver.


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