Oliver: How to please your cat companion

Hi everyone,

Your favourite tuxedo cat has an important message for all your humans today from my cousin Felix. 😀

Surely you must see our resamblance? Not just are we pretty but intelligent and clever! Muahaha.

Anyhow… Felix put this purrtastic video together on how to keep us clever cats happy at all time.

Have you ever been in the situation that your own cat doesn’t touch the toys you buy them? Well you should know the most important things that keep us happy and pre-occupied from destroying your furniture already! If not watch this video. 😀

Our humans told us that they loved the video and thought it was incredible true how us kats will go for the “simple things in life” instead of all the expensive toys they buy us – not to say that I DON’T like getting all those presents… I just want to play with them on my OWN terms not when TOLD to!!! 😉

So what makes you happy or if you are a human reading this what makes your feline companion happy? 😀

Is it the giant cat activity center? 😀



What is your cats favourite activity / object to keep them happy? 😀

Or in some cases… what annoys you about us harhar!

Would it happen to be us blocking up your heatpad erm I mean laptop? <3 Yes I too love those. 😀

Well we hope you certainly enjoyed our little look at my cousins campaign on the simple things in live that keep us kats happy! See you again here soon and don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletter by clicking here.

Bye for now from me and Felix! (And don’t forget I AM the prettier one!!!)

Signed by


His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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15 thoughts on “Oliver: How to please your cat companion

  1. lawjic says:

    The video is absolutely classic. You go out and get the BEST of things for your cats and yet, they will DO exactly what they want. At least he loved the food. His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief is a CLASSIC and seems to get more adorable every time I see more of him!! Thanks for sharing, Marc, as always!

  2. Rasma R says:

    I never knew my cat Sid could work on a laptop. Yet, when I returned to my work one day there on the screen was a Word article and it read – jjjjjjeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrlllllllllllll. Now I don’t know what all that means but I’m sure Sid does. lol

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