Guest Post: Well they’ve done it now – 


The Creature’s parents got her a kitty – which is great fur the Creature….(and everybody else)…..

This is the Creature….


This is the kitty – which they call Serafina – (and I call unfurtunate)….


She was adopted last week and the whole family (my cute little self included)- is crazy about her!

She hasn’t been home a week yet, and already she’s the boss!

Yep – she wrapped the whole family around her cute little paws in less than 15 minutes, and now she rules with an iron paw! *(I taught her well)!*

This is her wet food bowl…(making me jealous)!!


*notice the cute little red spoon fur dishing her food)…. And, the fish on her bowl SWIM! *(pout)!*

But actually, I don’t mind – (I just act mad because the human feels guilty and loads me with treats)!


Serafina is a lovely girl kitty (like me), who showers them all with affection – she constantly purrs, kneads her paws, and head butts any human she comes into contact with – and the Creature also adores her!

But then Why do I call her unfurtunate?


Because …..




She lives WITH the Creature!

She can’t just hide under the bed until it leaves like I can! *(Shakes head)*

Now the Creature has furgotten her collection of 18,000 ponies and horses and her other toys fur her new toy – Serafina!


Here she’s learning how to Feed Serafina (with the human’s supervision)-



Now if I were Serafina, I wouldn’t let the Creature get that close to me – but bless her little heart, Serafina is just too full of love fur her own good!


But somehow I get the feeling she really doesn’t mind the Creature all that much!

Thanks for reading,

Shrimp from Hairballexpress

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I am a kat writing about the frustrations of living with the lower species (humans) and their baby humans, and about my feline relatives.

I also sometimes write about news events – (KAT 9 News), and those inFURnal creatures called dogs.

I am crazy about my humans- but nobody else. And even they are a little, well,…”off…” (but they feed me).

Thanks fur reading my (very important) thoughts.


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31 thoughts on “Guest Post: Well they’ve done it now – 

  1. I think Serafina is happy to have a furever home. And who knows, maybe she likes teaching the creature and her sibling (there was another little one in the family, wasn’t there?) gently how to behave towards superior beings like cats?

          1. I’ve never met a feline I didn’t love and I am fluent in all cat dialects including advanced Siamese. 😉

          2. No doubt the feeling is mutual. Next Monday I look forward to the arrival of my own dear Pablo. He will be six weeks old and can leave his mother. Taking charge, I’ve no doubt he will quickly have me in paw!

          3. And I have never encountered a feline I didn’t love. I look forward to Pablo’s arrival. 🙂

          4. There was an early photo on one of my blogs along with a poem. However, I have charged my camera batteries so beware! 😉

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