Oliver & Nubia: Feeding time! :D

Hi Everyone,

Oli here! Can you believe that our humans thought we would idly sit by and wait for them to unpack these tasty Webbox food sticks???

No! Exactly – it’s our food!


Oliver & Nubia: There is something wrong here… OPEN THEM UP! 🙁


Oliver: Hurry up I am starving. :O

Nubia: So am I. 🙁


Oliver: At last!!!! What? You expect me to sit still for some photos?


Oliver: No chance! :O


Oliver: *chomp chomp*

Oliver: This is all mine! 😀


Oliver: Can I eat the whole pack on my own?

Nubia: No…. I am hungry too


Nubia: Oli… why are you staring at my bits of food…

Oliver: Take a guess! ;O

Nubia: Ack! O.O

Oliver: On a serious note let’s pass over to the humans for a review! 🙂

Thanks Oli! And be nice to your sister…

Webbox Tasty Sticks are part of the Cats Delight range of treats by Webbox and come in the flavours Chicken & Liver, Salmon & Trout and Turkey & Lamb and can be found here.

For freshness, each stick is individually wrapped! Also good to point out is that they are high in meat content (95%) so provide your cat with a great alternative to snacks high in carbohydrates.

We found that Oliver would just snatch them out of our hands (as you can see…) while Nubia with her three paws found it easier to have them broken into pieces to pick them up from the floor.

Overall verdict:
Just like the other Webbox treats we tried a few weeks back our cats are totally in love with them! I can’t even get them out of the kitchen before Oliver will try to trip me up to get his paws on them. 😀 Individually wrapped they provide an excellent solution to having snacks go off because you can’t finish a whole bag!

If you would like to buy your own they are available from most major supermarkets and pet stores in the UK as well as the Webbox online store and of course Amazon!

Here just a few options to purchase them:
Amazon US – here
Amazon UK – here
Amazon DE – here

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34 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Feeding time! :D

  1. franhunne4u says:

    My two are strange. They go for the first of those treats and even the second one – and then they cannot be bothered. I have been using brands available in Germany, not Webbox.

  2. Moongazer says:

    We get these 😀 The cats hear the rustle of the packaging and suddenly appear as a swarm from all directions ready to bite your hand off if you don’t get them out the pack fast enough LOL
    They are brilliant value for what they are. Approx £1 for 6 sticks, is really good value, I reckon.

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