Guest star: Monty and his friends!

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Mony a friend of ours from Facebook whom you can visit here. is a site with an important message! We are the family of “M” Mikala and Michael, aka mom and dad, Mikkel who only has three legs and then there is Monty with the missing nasal bridge due to his chromosome defects. As you may have recognized they both are adopted.


Monty is for sure one of a kind! He is extremely cute looking and his personality is just as fantastic as one would expect it to be by his adorable face. He’s a playful little fellow who loves attention and he’s always on the look out for someone to snuggle with him. He prefers to sleep by our side, and wherever we go and sit, he will follow and sit on our lap. He is also not shy at all. He loves to meet other cats and dogs and is never aggressive towards anyone. He is very curious! Even at the vet he holds his tail high and goes on adventures. When we are at the waiting room at the vet, we don’t need to keep him in his carrying case. He just sits in our arms completely relaxed looking around. So he is definitely a sweet little fellow. Though he has some difficulties, as you may already know. Due to his chromosome defects, his bladder sometimes leaks in his sleep. It is not a problem to us since it’s just some few drops and it only happens 2-3 times a month.


The first time we saw Monty was at the end of August 2013. Mikala was sitting, looking for shelter cats on a website just for fun, since we were not looking for a new furry friend for our little family. However, then she came across Monty and got so excited that she of course showed me his cute face. We of course wanted to meet Monty and went to the shelter. We were both certain that we should not have more cats. We went to the room where all the indoor cats were and met Monty for the first time. He was playfully fooling around in the center of the room. Most of the other cats were insecurely sitting in the corners. And when Monty got over to them they all hissed and struck out, but Monty did not do anything he just backed out easily and went on. It then occurred to  us that he was a very social cat. He had only been in the shelter for a few months. Michael went over to him and took him up and since he did not know who he was and what he was doing he said a little insecure “meow”. However he did not struggle to get away. Michael looked him into his eyes and blinked-smiled at him, as he has seen cats do, and started stroking him gently on his head. He got completely relaxed and he laid him down on his back in my lap (as you can find him laying in Michaels lap on several photos on Facebook) and then it happened; we saw his personality and we are sure he saw ours and liked what he saw. From that moment we both started creating a very strong bond with Monty. We tend to think that we did not choose him but he chose us.
As you may already have guessed his arrival to our home was very painless. He was of course very sweet to Mikkel. After a month it felt like he had lived with us for a lifetime.


Monty my day:

I usually get up when mom and dad get up. Then I try my best to get them back to bed with me! I try really hard when the have been to the shower and get dressed. I loudly tell them that they should come back and cuddle with me. Mikkel back me up. When mom and dad gives in for a moment it feels so good. Then they apologize that they have to go to work and school, and leave me in the warm bed with Mikkel.


When they come home I’m usually still in bed and get up to welcome them home. Then I get kissed and I love it! Then it’s playtime with Mikkel. We sprint around the apartment and have great fun! When dad gets in front of he’s computer, I’m ALWAYS ready to jump on his lap. Then, it’s dinner time!


When it’s time for bed I’m ready! I don’t need to change clothes and boring stuff like that.. I go back and forth between mom and dad and the bed. I want them to bed NOW! In bed I snuggle up real good between mom and dad and purrs loudly. Sometimes mom and dad are talking about maybe the neighbors can hear me? But I don’t care, cause I’m happy! I sleep all night long between mom and dad, even though I have a perfectly good cat bed next to their bed. Mikkel sleeps in a soft cat bed right next to mom.


Monty and his family want everyone to know, that shelter animals are wonderful creatures and deserves a second chance to be loved, even though you have a chromosome defect, is a three legged cat or look different in any other way.

We are ALL perfect just the way we are!

Please send a smile to a stranger, give yourself a hug and lets keep on spreading the wonderful, pure, amazing love <3

We are selling Monty merchandise and is donating 100% of the income to shelters around the world.

Give Monty Boy a like and help share his message <3

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39 thoughts on “Guest star: Monty and his friends!

  1. Fozziemum says:

    Gorgeous boy and a loving home..perfect match..anyway what is perfect in any of us..i see no difference between Monty and any other loving kitty 🙂 loves Fozziemum

  2. sidilbradipo1 says:

    Monty is breathtaking <3
    And Mikkel is so sweet and tender <3
    … "I go back and forth between mom and dad and the bed. I want them to bed NOW! In bed I snuggle up real good between mom and dad and purrs loudly…": our old super-beloved Boogie did just the same! :mrgreen:

  3. Shiva & Jaya says:

    Hullo Monty!

    This is your Purrime Ministerettes. We serves all anipals except snakies so we serves you.

    We thinking you VERY bootiful. As you has big nose, you can purrobably smells fishies from great distance. You be Secretary of Nommy Smells for us? You sends letter and we shalls ovulate applicatshiun. No purroblem!


  4. lawjic says:

    I love Monty and ALL his friends. They are such characters. The story is so well-written and heartwarming. Really very impressive writing and some of the most wonderful photos I have ever seen. I sure would not want him to BITE me….there is that photo where he looks ready to BITE something or someone. Thanks so much for sharing all about Monty and company!!

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