Guest star: Charlie, Trigg and Rags – Some of the Ragdoll Cats of

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Today’s guest post comes from Floppycats and Jenny will talk about some of her lovely Ragdoll Cats:

I rarely call my cats by their given names.

Their names are “Charlie” and “Trigg” on an official level at the vet’s office. However, I call them nearly everything but those.

Here’s the run down:

Charlie on Sleepypod Crater Dot11-10-11


  • Wubbie
  • Bubbie
  • Bubber
  • Bubbermatic
  • Charlamagne
  • Charliemansers
  • Mansers
  • Zers

Trigg in Fridge


  • Chigg
  • Chigg Doo
  • Chiggy
  • Gausy
  • Gausing

They are only 5 years old, so the lists will only grow. Seriously.

My cat Rags had countless names. My Rags is the Ragdoll cat that I grew up with – and is also the reason that I founded and created my website,, dedicated to uniting Ragdoll cat lovers worldwide.


If you visit our YouTube channel, you will see what I mean about the names. Heck, I probably forgot to mention a few of them.

When I was a little girl, our family had a German Shepherd dog, but no cats. My Aunt, however, had the most beautiful Ragdoll cat, named Halston. I was obsessed with him. However, my dad wanted nothing to do with cats. But I kept begging and so my mom asked her parents to give me my first Ragdoll – so that my dad couldn’t say anything. So, for my 8th birthday, I got my first Ragdoll cat, Skittles. Unfortunately, Skittles died at the age of 2 years old of FIP. So my mom then got two Ragdoll kittens and gave them to my brothers and me as an early Christmas present. They were Rags and Cosby. Cosby ended up dying of FIP at 10 months old, but my Rags lived to be 19.5 years old. So I got him when I was 10 years old and he died when I was 29 years old. To say he was influential on my life would be an understatement. He was and is one of the greatest loves of my life and I miss him dearly.

However, it was my love for him that led me to Charlie and Trigg.

When Rags had entered the final stages of his life – chronic renal failure – I started to look online for breeders that had breeding cats that were related to my Rags. I was led to several breeders. Although they requested I put down a deposit, I am the kind of person that needs to see a photo of a kitten to have that gut feeling of whether or not I want them.

So I continually checked these breeder’s sites after my Rags passed away. One day, starring back at me, was Charlie’s little face and that feeling went over me of “oh no, he’s mine.” Charlie is a seal mitted with a perfect hourglass blaze – he had the look of my dream Ragdoll…one that had been on the vision board in my head. However, he wasn’t related to Rags – and that was my goal. I knew I wanted two. I wanted two near the same age, but from different litters (just in case one had a health issue – my hope was that I wouldn’t lose them both at the same time). So, I found out that Trigg’s mother had also given birth and there were two males. Another adopter had put a deposit down for a male. I wanted a male too. Both male kittens were blue lynx – one was pointed and one was mitted. The other adopter chose the pointed one, so I ended up with Trigg. I didn’t really care about his color pattern because I just wanted his genes.

So a few months later, I flew to North Carolina to pick up each kitty. And then we flew home together. It’s been heaven ever since.

Charlie and Trigg are so different from each other and also from Rags – they are each their own little wonderful souls. I am so blessed to have them in my life. They have taught me many lessons so far and can only hope there are more to learn. I tell them daily that I love them and also tell them how lucky I am to have them in my life.

charlie on bed

They are the stars of our YouTube channel – but my parents’ Ragdoll cats, Caymus and Murphy, also appear on the channel and on our website. My Aunt’s two Ragdolls, my cousin’s two Ragdolls and my other Aunt’s one Ragdoll also appear! We are definitely a Ragdoll cat family.

My goal with Floppycats is to make cat’s lives better by helping their humans – and I see that through community. Often times, readers write in with a problem and if the topic hasn’t been previously addressed on the site (wherein I can send them a link to a post), then I will either do a new blog post about it or share it on Facebook, so that other readers can share their personal experiences. I guess it’s a different way to approach a Ragdoll cat forum. Nothing gives me more joy than helping out an owner, so that the owner and the kitty can live in peace and harmony.

Trigg on Karma Products Infinity Scratcher

I hope you’ll visit us on

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38 thoughts on “Guest star: Charlie, Trigg and Rags – Some of the Ragdoll Cats of

  1. franhunne4u says:

    Your father, who wanted nothing to do with cats ended up with two ragdolls? Hahaha … Can’t laugh enough – they always manage that, don’t they, wrapping the most cat-hating person around their soft little paws.

  2. loisajay says:

    I would have to quit me job because I’d want to sit and hold these guys all day long! How gorgeous they are. So very happy your search paid of for you.

  3. lawjic says:

    Okay, so NOW I have read the Ragdoll story. Very heartwarming to read and extremely well written. I did not realize just how gorgous Ragdolls are, but these cats are just beautiful. The writer tells a wonderful story which I very much enjoyed reading. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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